Homeless Man Finds a Lost $10,000 Check and Returns It to a Very Grateful Owner – Then She Does This to Repay Him

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Dr Roberta Hoskie, a realtor, lost a check made out to her for $10,000 on the street.  A homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, came upon it on a Connecticut street and decided to return the check to its rightful owner.  The Daily Mail has the story.

So touched by his honesty, Dr Hoskie arranged for Mr Alvarez to have a place to live and lined up an interview for him with one of her business partners.

Not content with that, she even offered him a place at her real estate school free of charge – to set him up in the long term.

Dr Hoskie said she was once homeless herself so understands the difficulty he was going through. She said the only condition is that Mr Alvarez help another homeless individual once he’s back on his feet.

Taking to Facebook Live to broadcast her good deed, the successful realtor met the homeless man at the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and publicly paid tribute to him.

“You don’t have to worry about being in the cold,” she said in a press conference. “We have housing for you.”

“Thank God!” he said, with tears in his eyes.  He went on to describe her as an angel.

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Dr Roberta Hoskie had only one condition on this amazing gift — she wanted him, once he gets back on his feet, to pay it forward.

Alvarez promised he would, and I believe that!  It’ll be great to watch as this story unfolds — and it’s inspirational to see what one man doing the right thing can wreak.  Watch the video of this great story below:

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Hat Tip: The Daily Mail

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