In Salt Lake City, a family mourns and the media yawns. Read more

I love this kid so much it hurts! Read more

I think Alaska residents should get extra credit for doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in our cooler climate. Read more

I have the best family! Read more

This is one of the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges I’ve seen. Read more

Many people would love to see my mom challenge Hillary Clinton. Well, recently, she did! Read more

Now why would a guy do this? Read more

Richard Dawkins, probably the worlds’ most famous and influential atheist, just told a woman that it was “immoral” to give birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome. Read more

From Pastor Saeed to Miriam Ibrahim to the massacre in Iraq, doesn’t it seem like Christian persecution has been increasing lately? Read more

A restaurant, bullied by atheists, stops offering a discount after many quiet years. Read more

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