Check out the Cover of Sarah Palin’s New Devotional: “Sweet Freedom”

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Will you let me brag about my mom a bit?  In addition to being a former Governor, the first female GOP Vice Presidential candidate, and a great mom and grandmother, she’s a best selling author. [Read more…]

If Hillary is Elected, True Religious Liberty Will Vanish – Read the Top Reason Why

Hillary Clinton made it very clear that true religious liberty would be a thing of the past if she is elected President.  In a speech to the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) this weekend, Hillary vowed her unwavering support for the so-called Federal Equality Act, which, if enacted, would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to list of protected classes, leaving no room for religious objections to everything from participating in a same-sex wedding to biological males using female restrooms and locker rooms. [Read more…]

Did Planned Parenthood Just Admit They Were Selling Baby Parts for Profit?

Since investigative journalist exposed Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies, Planned Parenthood has been denying that they have done anything wrong.  Despite hours and hours of footage showing their doctors and staff haggling over the price of baby parts, they continually say they were not selling anything. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton Says “F*** off” to her Secret Service Agent After He Wishes Her A “Good Morning”

Hillary Clinton has never been known for her warm personality.  But the latest accounts from those who served her during her time as First Lady reveal a total nightmare. [Read more…]

NEW VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Dr. Jokes About Harvesting Intact Baby Brains

Just when you think the ghouls at Planned Parenthood can’t possibly get more twisted, they do.

[Read more…]