The President Ignores American Citizen Tortured in Iran… Again

Remember when you were a kid, you had a certain view of the President of the United States?  He was someone who stood for good in the world?  He was someone who stood for other Americans? [Read more…]

How a Heroic Bus Driver Stopped a Kidnapping in Progress

bus driver iStock_000019573440_Small

A bus driver in California saw a man and a boy on his bus who matched a press release the police had put out that morning. What did he do? [Read more…]

PGA Star Jordan Spieth Is Inspired By His Autistic Sister Ellie

Jordan Spieth is making a lot of history in the world of sports and could make even more later this summer and throughout his career. But it’s not the records he’s breaking that make him great. [Read more…]

Work Life

Work anniversary

Just celebrated six years working for the best people I know! [Read more…]

What If They Were Dead Puppy Parts Instead of Dead Baby Parts?

iStock_000066020063_Small Fellow SixSeeds blogger Zeke Pipher has a great question: [Read more…]