Tripp Started Football Today!

Crazy how proud you can be as a parent, never imagined how much he could completely fill my heart! Read more

The Giver Book Club – Chapters 3 and 4: Sameness or Individuality?

Ever feel weird for being different than everyone else? Read more

The Giver Book Club – Chapters 1 and 2: Almost Perfect?

Let the conversation begin!! Read more

Beauty Queen Wears Insulin Pump During Swimsuit Parade

You have to love a girl who hooks her insulin pump to her bikini and just rolls with it! Read more

They Might Need Faster Boat – Crazy Video of Orca Whales Having Fun with a Boat!

People in Alaska get to see this a lot, but here’s an amazing video for the rest of you guys! Read more

Tripp Took This Pic of Me with “The Giver,” Plus More of You Smiling Readers!

Tripp took this at 9 o’clock at night! Read more

Chicago Residents: Obama Will Go Down as Worst President Ever

People from Chicago tell the President to resign. This person from Alaska agrees. Read more

Awkward: The President Asks a Cashier if He’s Gay

Obama, as President… just like Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan. Read more

‘The Giver’ Had A Baby On Set With A Cheetah – Yikes!

Babies and cheetahs and Taylor Swift — oh my! Read more

See The Giver 4 Days Before Everyone Else in Your Own Red Carpet Experience!

Want to see the movie before everyone else? And for free? Read more

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