What is This Race I Keep Talking About?

Credit: Birch Leaf Photography

As my family prepares for the start of the big race this weekend, I know some of you are wondering what exactly the Iron Dog is! [Read more...]

5 PHOTOS: Getting Ready for the Iron Dog

I cannot believe it’s already time for the Iron Dog again!!  I have to admit, it’s a little strange to see Dad without his typical green sled this year, but I couldn’t be more excited about his race.  Here are some pictures of Mom, Dad, Piper, Trig, and me at the tech inspection on Saturday.
Go, Dad, go!


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What Mom Wants for Her Birthday

Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times

Mom isn’t asking for cake and presents. [Read more...]

Why I Love My Mom

She tweeted this, in response to the whole Suzi Parker-gate:

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Seriously, Washington Post?

Needless to say, my mom is not joining Al-Jazeera. [Read more...]