Liberals Go Nuts When a Black Woman Speaks Her Mind

Liberals Go Nuts When a Black Woman Speaks Her Mind October 22, 2014


Stacey Dash, star of the iconic hit movie Clueless, is now a Fox News personality.

Recently, she was discussing the ad from African-American State Senator Elbert Guillory in which he destroys Mary Landrieu for ignoring black voters in Louisiana. (I wrote about it here.)

Here’s what Stacey said:


Then, of course, liberals on Twitter went nuts.

Twitchy has a great run down of the threats, insults, and hate spewed by the “agents of tolerance.”

I actually don’t want to repeat their Tweets here, giving them even more publicity.  But the bottom line is that liberals on Twitter do not want smart, black women to speak their minds.  (You can follow Stacey here, to see the awful tweets coming in real time.)


Stacey was making the point that liberals pigeonhole black people into a box: think this way, act this way.

I guess the liberals went ahead and made her point for her.

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