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The Mommy Card

As I spend my mornings this week in the waiting room during our son's occupational therapy "camp" one of the other moms suggested getting together for a weekly playdate to practice the skills the boys are learning. Everyone heartily assented and next followed an exchange of cards...not business cards per se, but what I am calling "Mommy Cards". I was unaware of this phenomena...printing business-like cards with your name, phone number, email, to easily share contact information. Brilliant! No … [Read more...]

Happy 6th Day of Christmas!

I am in love with the idea of Christmastide. To rejoice in Christmas into the new year is fantastic. I am rescued from dismal post-Christmas days and have reason to continue rejoicing.Back when I was growing up, my family relished the Christmas holiday as we rejoiced in the birth of our Savior. All the anticipation and excitement culminated in the climactical Christmas celebration, ending in a single day. But the let-down the day after was always excruciating, especially for a young child. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Here are our shepherds and angels. We are missing the baby J, he was napping! … [Read more...]

O Holy Night

Let us love the Child of Bethlehem. Come souls and love a God who has become a Child, poor and so lovable, in need of our tender love, who has come down from heaven to give Himself entirely to you. If we but ask for pardon and salvation, He has come to pardon us and to save us. -- St. Francis of AssisiMerry Christmas from our families to yours.May the peace and joy of the birth of Christ be with you! … [Read more...]

Sometimes it takes a blizzard

All of the pre-Christmas madness came to a grinding halt this weekend as the northeast, and particularly the Philadelphia area, was paralyzed by a massive blizzard. We received 23 inches of snow--2 feet!!!--on Saturday, and the main roads in town are still a mess. (The above photos were taken after only 1 foot fell). The snow started falling at 3am on Saturday, and didn't stop until 4am on Sunday morning. That's 25 hours of snow. Mr. Red went out to shovel 4 times, and thanks to his efforts … [Read more...]

Paper Plate Angel

A happy and blessed 4th Sunday of Advent to all of you!As we prepare our hearts and homes for Jesus' birth in just a few days, this could be a fun craft to do with our children. We will be using our paper plate angel as our tree topper, since I have once again failed to procure a proper tree topper for our family's tree :) I have such trouble committing to buying a tree topper because when I do, I would like it to be the one that our family keeps forever. I have fond memories of our beautiful … [Read more...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

[Read more...]

The Blessed Mother

She did not waver when called upon by an angel of God. She endured the scorn of pregnancy before marriage. She was committed and joyful. She rode on a donkey when over nine months pregnant. She rode for hundreds of miles. She labored in straw. She gave birth next to livestock. She relished our Lord. She cared for his every first need. She exalted Him and allowed for others to do the same. She protected Him. She brought Him up to be the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and humblest of servants. She … [Read more...]

Brown Bear’s Wonderful Secret

One wintry evening Brown Bear came rushing out of the woods. The big brown bear smiled. "I have a secret!" "It's wonderful! It's fantastic! It's shout-out-loud and jump-for-joy great!""What is it?" asked Fox. "What is this secret that's so great? Can you eat it?""No! No!" said Brown Bear impatiently. "You wouldn't want to eat it! You'd want to snuffle and nuzzle it. You'd want to lick it all over from the top to the bottom and then some more!"..."My secret isn't cold. Although you … [Read more...]

Cookies for the Holy Family

If you're looking to start a new Christmas Eve tradition in your home, this tidbit might be of interest to you.According to this month's Magnificat, the Irish tradition on Christmas Eve involved families preparing a meal for the Holy Family and setting the table with three place settings for them. Afterward, they left the doors unlocked or even wide open and put more wood on the hearth, so the Holy Family would have a place to rest and bless their home. This tradition was especially important … [Read more...]