Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft pt. 1

What exactly is Traditional Witchcraft? It’s a term that’s been thrown around a lot in recent years as its grown in popularity. Yet it’s a term that is difficult to accurately and sufficiently define. A large part of the problem results from the label itself as the term “traditional,” seemingly suggests that there is one original form of Witchcraft. But we of course know that this simply isn’t true as Witchcraft is an extremely large and diverse entity. What is… Read more

A Samhain Scrying Ritual

Samhain is a night of seemingly endless magical possibilities. It’s a time of year when it feels like anything could happen. The veil between worlds is thin and Witches, Faeries, and ghosts freely run amok. For a short period of time, the realm of shadows is open and accessible for everyone to experience. Read more

The Witch’s Harvest

For many Witches, including myself, the autumn equinox is experienced as a time for harvesting. As we move closer towards the darker half the year, this is a time for both literal and metaphorical reaping. Read more

The Commodification of Witchcraft: Implications for Originality

The issue of originality, or rather the lack thereof, is nothing new. It’s been a continual issue in many different fields, particularly within the arts. And as an art, Witchcraft is no exception. Across the board, this is a complex issue but within the Craft there are unique factors that need to be taken into consideration if we are to address this issue fairly. First and foremost, the practice of Witchcraft has been growing exponentially over the centuries. It’s been… Read more

Working with Plant Spirits

Witchcraft is an evocative word in that it tends to stir up different imagery within our minds. For myself, and many others, one of the associations I make with Witchcraft is wortcunning, or working with herbs. Read more

Introduction to the Witches’ Compass

Within the realm of Traditional Craft exists the concept of the Witches’ compass. As defined by popular author Gemma Gary, “The rite of the witches’ Compass is a delineation and ‘marking out’ of the working ground as sacred and separate from mundane space.” Read more

Paganicon 2017

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve returned from Paganicon, a weekend-long Pagan conference here in Minnesota. I’m just now getting around to writing about my experience, having been beaten to the punch by both Jason and Tempest. Blame school for my lack of writing time. Anyways, this was my second year attending the Con and I must admit that I had way more fun this year than I did the last. It’s no secret that I can be… Read more

Hedge-Crossing, Astral Projection, and Guided Meditation: Differences?

Hedge-Crossing is a practice that plays an essential role in my personal Craft and it’s something that I’m quite passionate about. I’ve written about previously on this blog, which you can check out here. Lately I’ve received a number of questions about Hedge-Crossing, specifically about how it differs from other practices such as astral projection or guided meditation. First, let me say that the answer to this question is going to be highly dependent one’s own personal definitions. For example,… Read more

The Banshee

As a child, I encountered many fantastical tales about the Faerie Folk. Whether they were presented in a book or in a film, these stories were an integral part of my childhood and my development as a Pagan and Witch. There has  never been a time during my years that I haven’t wholeheartedly believed in the reality of their existence. I feel a deep reverence and connection to the Faeries as they have always been some of my primary allies,… Read more

Everyday Magic: Witchcraft for Busy Lives

Winter break is officially over, and I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve actually dreaded going back to school. Last semester was so chaotic and by the end of it I was so completely exhausted from constantly trying to keep my head above the surface. This semester is going to be even more intense and my anxiety is already high with the mass amount of readings, papers, and projects on hanging over my head like a… Read more

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