Reproductive Justice & Prayer. Just The Beginning

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This is the last in my series of posts on prayers centered around reproductive justice issues.  It’s time to vote, to act, to speak, to write, to tell your story, and to make justice real.

40 Days of Prayer to Stop the War on Women is a campaign by Faith Aloud, with a prayer a day beginning September 28 and leading up to the election.

“Faith Aloud is a movement to give spiritual support to persons making reproductive decisions. As people of religious faith and conviction, Faith Aloud supports reproductive justice for every person. Our struggle for reproductive freedom includes issues concerning: abortion, adoption, choice, LGBTQ rights, Same-sex marriage, reproductive health and their intersections with faith and spirituality.”

Here are the final prayers leading up to election day:

Day 36: We pray for families suffering economic hardship, that the government not punish them in order to gain the votes of the wealthy.

Day 37: We pray that Americans promote an environment where access to resources for domestic violence victims are not hindered by red tape.

Day 38: We pray that voters will not allow the passage of bills that seek to dismantle assistance programs that aid mothers and families.

Day 39: Because women should have the ability to choose when and how they begin a family, we pray for the legislative protection of family planning services .

Day 40: We pray for all who support women, that they lift their voices bravely on November 6 by casting their ballots for pro-woman candidates.

Because these forty days and forty prayers have shown that justice goes beyond choice, beyond women, and beyond reproduction.  Supporting families takes more than voting and praying.  But it can start there.



About Caryn Riswold

Caryn D. Riswold is a feminist theologian in the Lutheran tradition. She is Professor of Religion and also teaches Gender and Women’s Studies at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, where she has worked for over a decade teaching undergraduates to think critically and creatively about religion. She earned her Ph.D. and Th.M. from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, holds a master’s degree from the Claremont School of Theology, and received her B.A. from Augustana College in her childhood hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • Frank

    Where is the justice for the over 21,000 innocent lives killed each week mostly for convenience ?

    Your prayers are empty.

    • pagansister

      It is your opinion that “your prayers are empty”. By saying that indicates you think you know what your divine being thinks. Sorry Frank, no one knows that—not even you. So to make that statement tells a lot about you. And the comments below from deborah make a lot of sense to me. You continue to harp on the thought that most abortions are for convenience—perhaps some are–but I think your idea is really over the top. I’m only thinking of women in this country. Abortions in poor countries are another topic altogether.

      • Frank

        Any prayer against Gods will, will not be answered. It’s quite simply really and one does not have to have a direct lone to God to figure hat out. Unless Yu are in denial

  • deborah

    Where is the justice for the 23 million who die from lack of healthcare? Does your righteous concern for life end at birth?? And where do you get your data that it’s”mostly for convenience”? If you’re so concerned about innocent lives why wouldn’t you support free birth control? Bet you don’t BELIEVE in that either, do you? And abortion laws don’t stop abortion!!! Only the rich will get the safe ones!!! And Who are you to judge a prayer with your righteous indignation?…And just because you “believe” life begins at conception -the jury is still out on that one…There’s no scientific proof of that …it’s YOUR BELIEF!!! I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS AND THE EASTER BUNNY!!!!!

  • Joshua

    God loves all life so I pray that we would be given legislators to stamp down the evil of planned parenthood.
    I support contraceptives but not abortives. If you are gonna have sex deal with the consequences. Married Sex is safe sex. And there is scientific support that life begins at conception. The jury will alwas be out because evil people seek to do evil things, either intentionally or on the alter of helping women.

    • pagansister

      I too support BC in any form one chooses to use. Certainly much better than using an abortion for that purpose—which may happen once but probably not any more. Married life is safe sex? Well, there are many who aren’t married and fortunately still enjoy sexual relationships. There are also many who do not agree on just when life begins. Many abortions are done (and again IMO should be) VERY early since now in 2 weeks one can find out if they are or are not pregnant. Those who are pro-choice and that does NOT mean “pro-abortion”, but exactly what it says—CHOICE—are most certainly NOT evil. IMO, evil is trying to tell a woman what to do with her body. No one has that right.

    • pagansister

      Oh, one other thing Joshua, there is nothing evil about PP. Many women use that organization for their health care—not every woman is there to obtain an abortion, which is the impression that those who dislike that organization attempt to make folks believe. Oh, God doesn’t have to clothe, feed and house a child born to a woman who can’t provide for it. Just a thought.