Support the Goddess Mural

I’ve had the privilege of worshipping and speaking at herchurch in San Francisco a couple of times in recent years.  It’s a creative community committed to celebrating the divine presence “through many names and metaphors,” particularly those that are female:

“We are a diverse community, standing firmly within the Christian tradition in order to re-image the divine by claiming her feminine persona in thealogy, liturgy, church structure, art, language, practices, leadership, and acts of justice. Challenging the church’s restricted language of the past, we pay special attention to images and metaphors that attempt to embrace divine fullness and that offer a witness of holy nurture and inclusive justice, both to the church and to the world.”

The current initiative is the creation of a massive and beautiful Goddess mural on the exterior of the church building on Portola Drive, as a public witness to the sacred feminine.

You can participate in supporting this work:

“Please support celebrating goddess imagery on herchurch – a purple Lutheran Church -because for many God/ess is a holy parent, not just a male parent. As well she is a lover, friend, sustainer, birther, Wisdom and life giver. This is not another image celebrating patriarchy, this mural honors the feminine divine.

“Renowned artist Sybil Erden is donating her time and vision to produce a painting that will be 16 feet by 64 feet, rising above San Francisco’s busy Portola Drive! Attached via panels to the East face of the purple herchurch tower, this mural promises to be a focal point in the world famous San Francisco mural collection.”

Go to the project’s website for more information on how you can support diversifying images of the divine in our communities.

And, head over to the herchurch website for resources as well as information about worship and events at the San Francisco purple church.


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