Why Women (and anyone who knows them) Must Vote

Mother Jones has a great graphic round-up of reasons that women need to vote November 6.  (If they haven’t already, that is … I’m struck this year at how old-school it sounds to get out the vote on election day itself, with the overwhelming turnout for early voting all around the country!)

A few highlights:

1 in 4 Americans of voting age are single women.

In 2011, 26 states enactes 69 anti-choice measures.

Paul Ryan has cast 59 votes on abortion issues, all of them anti-choice.

60% of female voters in swing states say birth control is extremely or very important in the 2012 election.

For every dollar spent on birth control, the taxpayer saves up to six dollars.

99% of reproductive-age women have used birth control.

Vote like your lady parts depended on it!  Because … they do.


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