Summer. Reading.

The next time someone asks me what I’m doing this summer (because, you know, professors have that “summer off” thing … ahem) I’m going to start by showing them this picture.  I’ve read some of every one of these books in the past week alone.

Some are for fun (The Marriage Plot, Shadow of Night, Wild), some are for professional work on the Council of Independent Colleges NetVUE Scholarly Resources Project (Callings, Living Lives that Matter, Awakening Vocation), some are for my ongoing work on a book manuscript (Mormon Country, Refuge, Triumph),  some are for course prep (Sacred Ground, Faitheist), and at least one is part of my ongoing quest to be a better writer (Sin & Syntax).

And then there are those on the way via interlibrary loan:  The Round House, Lean In, Drift … and I’m sure there are those I haven’t even heard of yet that I will certainly have to read.

So … what are you reading this summer?!


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