CBB Lenten Library Building Mega Giveaway!

Lent is perhaps the most powerful season on the Church calendar for reflection and self-education. I wanted to make it possible for someone to have the resources for enrichment this Lent and beyond. That was the idea behind this, the BIGGEST giveaway I have done at The Catholic Book Blogger yet. Twelve publishers have agreed to participate in my first Mega Giveaway . Be sure to visit theri websites and support them by purchasing some of the great books they bring to the public. One lucky winner is going to receive this entire 45 book, library building, package! This is packed with some truly awesome books. The complete list is below. 

This contest will work the same as my now familiar Weekly Giveaways. Feel free to enter this one and the Weekly Giveaways running at the same time. I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! Enter below. The contest starts at midnight tonight EST and will end 12AM EST Monday 3/10 with a winner being announced later that day. Good Luck!

Ave Maria Press

Everyone’s Way of the Cross (updated edition with all new illustrations) by Clarence Enzler

Daily Devotions for Lent 2014 by Theresa Rickard, o.P.

Sacred Space for Lent 2014 by The Irish Jesuits

Bringing Lent Home with St. Therese Lisieux by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Catholic Answers Press

Memorize the Reasons! By Kevin Vost

The Protestant’s Dilemma by Devin Rose

Answering Atheism by Trent Horn

The Truth Is Out There by Amadeus

The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin

Catholic University of America Press

The Garden of God by Pope Benedict XVI

A Reason Open to God by Pope Benedict XVI

Emmaus Road Publishing

The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin

The Fulfillment of All Desire Study Guide

Navigating the Interior Life by Daniel Burke

The Beggar’s Banquet by Regis Martin

Image Books

Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

On Heaven and Earth by Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka

Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen

Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa and Brian Kolodiejchuk

The End and The Beginning by George Weigel

Loyola Press

Fearing the Stigmata by Matt Weber

Mercy in the City by Kerry Weber

Thrift Store Saints by Jane Knuth

The Ignatian Workout for Lent by Tim Muldoon

Pope Francis by Chris Lowney

Our Sunday Visitor

The Fathers of the Church by Mike Aquilina

Louder Than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic by Matt Leonard

Surrender!The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will by Father Larry Richards

What’s a Person to Do? Every Day Decisions That Matter by Mark S. Latkovic

The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answering the Call by Ralph Martin

The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics by Father Mitch Pacwa

Pauline Books and Media

Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed by Marie Paul Curley and Mary Lea Hill

Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed by Marie Paul Curley and Mary Lea Hill

Saint Benedict Press / Tan Books

Hungry Souls Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg

A Year with the Saints by Paul Thigpen

Son of God: The Life of Jesus Christ in Pictures

Saint Mary’s Press

Lectionary-Based Gospel Dramas for Lent and the Easter Triduum by Sheila O’Connell-Roussell and Terri Vorndran Nichols

Keeping Time: Praying Lent Throughout the School Day by Sandra Iwanski

Journey of Faith for Lent (Leader’s Guide): Creating a Sense of Belonging Between Young People and the Church by Mary Shrader

Journey of Faith for Lent (Student Workbook) by Mary Shrader

Servant Books

St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography by Omer Englebert

The Miraculous Medal: Stories, Prayers, and Devotions by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

Sophia Institute Press

Rebuilding Catholic Culture by Ryan Topping

Understanding Miracles by Zsolt Aradi

The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Fr. Raoul Plus

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  • Maria

    Great giveaway!

  • http://www.daysofgraceandstumbling.blogspot.com/ DaysofGraceandStumbling

    Any ONE of these books would be great, but ALL! My friends would be so jealous–but don’t worry, I’d share!

  • Giovanni Vitale II

    I need a good reason to buy a new book shelf.

  • JoeWetterling

    Fantastic giveaway! And a few that weren’t on my radar before – thanks!

  • Jim

    What a giveaway, if you need a resolution for Lent this one would get your kick started in the right direction.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    Thanks. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I’d like the books to expand my knowledge of Catholicism.

  • Karen

    These books would be very helpful to me with my prayer life.

  • Joe Giles

    Great stuff — thanks for doing this.

  • Kevin Noles

    Wonderful books! I would love to forward some of these on to others.

  • Bernie Schum

    I would enjoy reading these for years to come and giving to friends to help enrich their lives.

  • Sarah

    Many of these books are on my wish list…the rest sound fabulous as well! Thank you for offering this opportunity. Good luck, everyone!

  • Du Nguyen

    I love free books! But only if they’re Catholic ones.

  • Kim Sisk

    What an awesome giveaway! I have several of these books on my Amazon wish list already.

  • AnnK

    I want to win these so I can give them to my church library. That way I can still read them, but others can, too!

  • Leslie Kline

    Thank you for spreading good Catholic books around!

  • Matthew

    My Catholic library could use a serious boost, and I would love to read ‘The Garden Of God’ and ‘A Reason Open To God’ By Pope Benedict XVI, as well as ‘The Fathers Know Best’ by Jimmy Akin and ‘Surrender! The Life-Changing Power of Doing God’s Will’ by Father Larry Richards.

  • Patrice Egging

    Great books to share!

  • Debbie Jennings Valley

    I would love to have new reading to add to my library. As a homeschooler these are many books I could use with my highschool students.

  • Ed Morrissey

    I’d like to give these to my parish library as well. I have a huge backlog of reading already …

  • soozq

    Wonderful books – a bounty to receive, inspirational to read and blessed to share.

  • Benjamin Keil

    I’m a scholar and I can always use more free books. :-p

  • Theresa Smith

    I serve as Adult Faith Formation Director for my parish – would love to share these books with parishioners! Blessings to you for your generosity!

  • Nicole Resweber

    I would LOVE to add all these to my library – and it’s a great book list even if you don’t win!

  • Ruthie

    I am in RCIA and get to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation at Easter Vigil! I would love to read these and then share!!

  • Thinkling

    Fantastic selection. I already have a few, but my church library would love those as well.

  • Vicia Adamson

    I am a mother of 6. I would like to get rid of tv totally and would like to have more books in the house so that my children and I can grow in our faith. I would like to build my Catholic library much more than it is at this point to be able to really dive into the depths that is the Catholic Church. God bless you in all you do and thank you for this opportunity to win knowledge!

  • Ruth Curcuru

    I want to win so I can review those that interest me and donate them all to a worthy cause

  • Elizabeth Fiore

    I’m returning to the Catholic faith after many years away and want to learn as much as I can about it.

  • Jill Hebda

    My husband and I are focusing on couple prayer this Lent. This set of books would be an amazing resource for us!

  • karen

    I want to boost my faith and to be a better Catholic Woman

  • http://jenndiggy.blogspot.com/ Jenn Short

    I’m becoming Catholic and would love to learn more! This would be fantastic.

  • Julie F (@jfount)

    I see so many titles here that I’ve wanted to read!

  • Brian Sullivan

    Great selection!

  • janen7

    Great choices and a generous giveaway.

  • Orchid Forsythia

    So many titles that sound interesting! I’m interested in winning because I want to expand my knowledge of the faith and enrich my faith life. Also, I would love to be able to share all these books with my family.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the amazing prize.

  • Michelle Diaz Wilson

    This is an incredible opportunity for my family to enrich our faith. Thank you for allowing us the chance to win these books.

  • Anna Tardiff

    Wow! I am about to get married, and am very eagerly building up our joint library. These books would nourish us for many lents to come!

  • Tiff

    My husband and I both love any books that can help us grow deeper in our faith; and we’d be able to share these books with our kids as they get older and help them grow in their faith too.

  • josmart

    To receive these books would be a blessing, not only for myself, but for all those who desire to read them as well!

  • TapestryGarden

    I love to read particularly about my Catholic faith. This year I’m in two Lenten groups and plan to pass the books around to members of my groups or the parish library (after I read them of course!)

  • Aaron Morrison

    I would love to win because I love theology books, and I want to become a professor!

  • Patrick Comiskey

    i would love this collection so I could use them for the RCIA classes I teach!

  • ME

    This would keep me busy for a while. :)

  • Angie

    I live with a protestant husband so any good book about my faith is a must

  • Chris Baker

    What a wonderful contest!

  • http://www.rainecarraway.com/ Raine Carraway

    I would love to win these. I am joining the Church at Easter and have spent about 3 years studying Catholicism, but still have so much more to learn.

  • Deanna Bartalini

    I can share these with all my friends and parishioners and catechists!

  • Marco Paredes

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  • jp

    Sounds interesting! How do I enter?

  • FrScott Hurd

    Wow, Pete, this is fantastic. Thanks for all you do to promote good Catholic books. I’m crossing my fingers!

  • http://www.homeschoolwithlove.com/ Susan @HomeschoolWithLove

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you for your generosity.

  • Michele Follbaum

    I LOVE books, and I love sharing books! I could keep some and give some away! Thanks for the chance!!

  • chigjeff

    wonderful books that keep educating catholic faithfuls and noncatholics as well. I can see that they are inspirational and will go a long way to enlightening people who are still doubting and protesting.

  • Regi Aaron

    You know if you split the books you can have 9 winners of 5 books each :D Just a thought…

  • 3summerfun

    Food for the Soul. Thank you for the offer!

  • http://perpetualperegrino.blogspot.com/ Ruth Martin

    I’d like to win this because, as a convert, I’m always looking for ways to increase my knowledge of the faith. Getting these books would help me to further that end.

  • npadley

    Looks like a great set! Would be happy to win them.

  • Saul Keeton

    I am Catholic! I love books! I want to win all of these so I can use the knowledge therein to grow the Kingdom of God.

  • Making It

    I want to deepen my spirituality during Lent.

  • Jessica

    I’m in RCIA and will be joining the Church on Easter Vigil. This would be great for the start of my journey as a new Catholic.

  • tapnkc

    Wow. Great books to read and pass on!,

  • CSmith

    That’s an amazing library.

  • Mary ‘Tere’ Reyes

    An amazing library to share.

  • Abbey

    I want to build a legacy for my children, their children, and all who visit our home and who we meet in our daily lives. We are homeschooling and hoping to preserve as much Catholic knowledge, identity, culture, and tradition as possible for future generations.

  • Christy

    I would love to win these so I can deepen my knowledge of my faith.

  • Theresa Crow

    Wonderful collection of books. Would love to share them with my catechists!

  • Heather

    I love my faith, but would love to go deeper in my understanding. I would also love to be able to share these with my children and anyone else who wanted to read them!

    • Karen

      ditto I particularly want to read the book about memorizing… I can’t deepen faith very well if I can’t remember the mysteries of the rosary, and certain prayers that I like but I forget the words… I’m hoping this book will help me.

  • ichen

    I love books. I love catholicism. I would love a library of catholic books!

  • Ana Laura de Romero

    I Think this could be useful to my church community, i would like to contribute to others can read and learn our religion and have deeper our faith

  • Brandi Mears Vidrine

    I love to read and would appreciate having any of these books.

  • Emily Gregg

    I would love these books in order to help expand my faith and my families. Thanks for the opportunity

  • RobinJeanne

    Wow, I can’t pick one… but Surrender!The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will stands out for me amoung many.

  • Jen Steed

    I would love to be able to read them and then share them with the Catholic Mother’s Group library.

  • http://fillingmyprayercloset.com/ Cristina

    I’d be crazy not to want them to pass out to the RCIA candidates and catechumens aka Class of 2014

    And maybe I’ll keep a couple…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://catholiccravings.com/ Laura McAlister

    I want ALL the books but then again, that’s the story of my life!

  • Teresia Keller

    I would love to help expand our church library. I can still read them plus share them with everyone.

  • Aquinas5

    Some of these books are on my reading list. Some would also be great for the inmates of our county jail where my husband is a chaplain.

  • Cristina

    I would love to win these because I am always trying to learn more about my faith. This would really help!

  • Suez Gugs

    Wow! This would be awesome to receive so many great catholic books!! I would share these with my moms group at church.

  • Angela

    Would love to read some of theses books then pass them along to members of our church and religious education staff:).

  • Jennifer Lamb

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway – many of these books are on my wish list, however, many would be duplicates for me to gift to our parish library and others on their faith journey – thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  • JenZ90

    I love to read, so I’d like to read as many of these as I have time for, but these would give terrific growth to our homeschool lending library and would be best used for that!

  • Andrea

    I would love to win these, read them, and maybe talk to our parish priest about these being the basis of a new lending library at our Church!! Awesome offering, thanks!

  • Emily Davis

    I have some of these in my library, but it would be great to be able to build our home library and share with other homeschool moms in our group library.

  • Happy Catholics

    We are homeschooling, and these would make great additions to our library.

  • Dawn Kerr

    I want to understand my faith more and hopefully find some things to use in my classroom as well!

  • Shayla Rock

    What a great way to spend Lent, with all those books!

  • Sarita Mendoza

    I would love these books because I was not raised Catholic and I believe that these book would just intensify my love for the faith as I go through my RCIA journey

  • Jessica Compton

    What a giveaway!

  • Patty Brady

    I am beginning the process of conversion, and this would be an amazing resource for my journey as a new Catholic. What a lovely offer!

  • http://www.bigtopphotobooth.com/ DeAnne Ridge

    I want these books because I am an avid reader. I read all the time and these books are some I would love to have. I read quickly and I have friends that I share them with. I have 10 kids and 3 high schoolers who could benefit from this information. Thank you!

  • Lora

    As a recent convert I’m always looking for books to help me to learn my new faith. This is a great giveaway, many thanks!

  • Christina H.

    I will be set with reading material for the year! I like the idea of donating to our church library too!

  • rcordesy

    They look like a wonderful selection for a home library…we have a lot of readers here…11 to be exact :)

  • Tana Jimenez

    My husband and I have been building a Catholic library so that we can raise up a family that is well-educated in the faith. A bunch of new books would be a fun Easter gift for my husband. All duplicate books will be donated to our parish library. Thank you for this giveaway and God bless!

  • george-a

    I want to have some things to give to my ladies’ Bible study group, whom I have shamefully neglected recently. And maybe for my mom, too.

  • Amanda Mills

    this would be great to start off our home library!

  • jenmom

    I admire some of the people who want to win and donate the books, however, with 9 children 8 still at home – these will be a great addition to our home library!

  • Kristen Johnson

    I would love to have these books because I’m building a library for my seven kids and those who come after them.

  • Susan

    My husband and I have 7 children from ages 4 months to 20 years. We could all benefit from these books. I’m not a homeschooling mom but I want my children to be strong in their faith and be able to take their faith into the world to others that might not know God. They have friends with so many questions and I know with the knowledge and spirituality they get from these books they will be able to be stronger Catholic/Christians in a secular world. Amazing Give Away!

  • Alicia M

    I graduated from a Catholic grade school and my formal Catholic education ended after that. I have done a lot of reading to educate myself more about my faith. I would love to have the opportunity to learn more. Thank you!

  • Lynn Vinson

    I am a Catholic convert. I just came into the church with my family last Easter. This would be a good foundation for our Catholic library.

  • Adrienne

    I’d love to win any of these books. Always interested in learning more about my faith. Then I would pass along to someone else.

  • Nate Tartick

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Leanne

    What a great collection! I would share it with my family and friends.

  • Seana Ames

    Amazing giveaway! Thanks!

  • kelli lindstrom

    I would love to win these to share with my rosary group on our Lenten journey.

  • Lauren Caggeso

    to learn more about our faith!

  • Laurie Castle Kereluk

    This collection says it all!!!!

  • Mary Nicewarner

    It’s an amazing collection of Catholic books!

  • http://raisinglittlesaints.blogspot.com Mama Erika

    How can you have too many books? :P These would be great for a book club!

  • Jill

    This would make a great start for a church library for our small parish.

  • Marguerite Gormley

    I would like to win so I can share the books with my Godchildren and the young people I know receiving Confirmation this year. Also, I would share them with friends who are seeking to grow in their faith.

  • Katie Langville

    I recently re-discovered my love of reading, and am having a hard time finding worthwhile stuff at the library – this should keep me entertained for quite a while!

  • http://theramblingsofacrazyface.wordpress.com/ Leticia Ochoa Adams

    This would be awesome to win! My kids and I would LOVE you forever!

  • bunnykisses88

    I would love to win these books! I am not able to buy books at this time so this would be awesome. Definitely will pass them on to where they are needed!

  • Katie B

    For my classroom, for my DRE office, for my home…so many reasons why I would love to have these books!

  • Moleebo

    Would provide some awesome reading during Lent!

  • Karen Miller

    I would love to add these to our home library of catholic resources!

  • Beth Giordano

    I am a self-professed Catholic bibliophile and there are some seriously great titles on this list that I would LOVE to read!!

  • Lynn Prucha

    Look at all those amazing titles!! I love to read and I love to share books with people!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  • JohnE

    I want to win so I can save some to read and perhaps donate the rest to our parish book store.

  • Sonja

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity to grow in our faith by reading these books :)

  • Vivianne

    What an amazing collection of books! So many could get to know God more intimately through reading any of these. Thank you so much for putting together this fantastic giveaway!

  • Tamalyn

    Thank you for the opportunity! These books would be perfect to distribute to adult education/catechesis programs as door prizes at many of our events. Hope I win!!!

  • nannykim1303

    Wow–a lot of good reads here!

  • http://www.embeddedfaith.org/ Cyndi Marlow

    Great way to fill a Lenten pledge!

  • Matthew Berg

    I’ve been dabbling in free lance apologetics for a while now, and this would go a long way in rounding out my knowledge, as well as providing a library of material to share with my children as they grow.

  • Beth

    I’d love to win this giveaway to not only build my library with so many wonderful resources and thought provoking titles to draw me nearer to God, but to also serve as an evangelization tool- the list is full of books that would be perfect to read and then share with someone else.

  • Denise Perrone

    Yes of course I want to win this sweepstakes. I am a catechist in a small rural town called Florida, New York. It is the Black Dirt Capital of the World. Unfortunately our Library is in need of a makeover. Although there many resources on line and I am certainly grateful for that and I do buy items to enhance our program however sometimes things are costly and I have to limit myself . Of course something for nothing is beautiful thing and all i can do is hope and pray that the children of St. Joseph’s Religous Education can win this Library giveaway. Thank You

  • CatholicInMD

    I would love to read these books and share them with others in the library and book club of our parish. Thank you for bringing these books to my attention and offering the spectacular giveaway.

  • TheatreImp

    I would give these books to my mum, to help her rebuild her religious library she lost in a fire – she’s gotten some books back, but not nearly what she had.

  • Cristina Herrera

    Such a great collection! There is always something to take when doing spiritual reading.