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Church Fathers, Day 155: St. John Chrysostom reminds us that only we can hurt our own salvation

Only you can hurt your own salvation No one can take salvation away from you, but you can reject it, says St. John Chrysostom. If you’ve built your house on stone, no storm can blow it down. So there is no way anyone can injure you if you don’t choose to injure yourself. But if you’re not willing to be temperate and to help yourself from your own resources, then no one will ever be able to do you any good. This is what was made obvious to us by the parable of the two men—the one who built h … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 154: St. Basil tells us don’t give an opening to rumor

Don’t give an opening to rumor Living properly isn’t always enough, St. Basil tells a bishop who had been the victim of nasty rumors. We must appear to live properly as well, so that people don’t think ill of us. After all, we represent Christ, not just ourselves. One of the hardest things to do—almost impossible, in fact—is to rise above slander. I am quite sure of this, and I imagine your excellency is as well. Yet it is possible not to give a handle by our own conduct either to curious s … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Adventures in Assisi: On The Path with St. Francis

Author Amy Welborn and illustrator Ann Engelhart have teamed up once again for another children's book worth checking out. Adventures in Assisi: On the Path with St. Francis joins cousins Gianna and Lorenzo as they spend the day touring Assisi with their uncle, Brother Antonio. He takes the two young children throughout the city to see many sites . At the end of the book your child will have discovered numerous places of significance in the life of St. Francis.They visit the chapel where … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Nancy C. Belanger

This week Laura and I both conduct the author interview.PETE: What inspired you to write Olivia and the Little Way?NANCY C. BELANGER: A lack of Catholic fiction for pre-teens and nudges from The Holy Spirit and St. Therese, I believe. I was just so tired of the dark, foreboding novels I was seeing for this age group in the bookstores. Black covers, stories about vampires and evil people. Such darkness! Our children deserve so much better.LAURA: You founded Harvey House Publishing in … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 153: St. John Chrysostom tells us to give praise instead of blasphemy

Give praise instead of blasphemy “I can’t help it,” we often say when we’ve cursed and used bad language. St. John Chrysostom has a practical suggestion: if you can’t help saying something when you get hurt, teach yourself to speak in thanksgiving instead of blasphemy. But, you say, you are not able to be silent when goaded by pain. And I do not hinder you from speaking. But instead of blasphemy, speak praise. Instead of discontent, express thankfulness. Make confession to your Master; cry … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day 152: St. Ambrose tells us to ignore insults and keep silent

Ignore insults and keep silent Is someone abusing or insulting you? Best to keep silent, says St. Ambrose. You will keep yourself from sin, and people will think better of you. But we must also guard against anyone who provokes us, and spurs us on, and exasperates us, and supplies what will excite us to licentiousness or lust. So if anyone reviles us, irritates, stirs us up to violence, tries to make us quarrel— let us keep silence. Let us not be ashamed to become mute. For whoever irritates … [Read more...]