Church Fathers, Day Eighty-Six: St. Augustine advises us to distinguish what’s important to be right about

Distinguish what’s important to be right about St. Augustine tells us that we can be wrong about some things without causing any harm. What we can’t be wrong about is moral principles. It’s not bad in itself to think that someone is good when he’s actually an adulterer, but it’s quite another thing to think that adultery is good. In some things, we are deceived in great matters; in others, small. In some of them no harm is done; in others, even good comes of it. It is a great evil for a man … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day Eighty-Five: Philoxenus says love the truth as the martyrs did

philoxenus of mabbug

Love the truth as the martyrs did Philoxenus, an ancient Syriac writer, tells us that the love of truth is a consum­ing passion for those who have tasted it, and no danger or torture can separate those who have found it from the love of Christ. Jesus Our God commands us to declare our truth openly, and not to be ashamed, and not to blush, and not just to accept what we are told by people in authority, and not to seek to please those who are the adversaries of truth—for whoever wishes to pl … [Read more...]

The Clergy Speaks – Bishop David A. Zubik


Welcome back to “The Clergy Speaks”, a recurring feature here at The Catholic Book Blogger. “The Clergy Speaks” is a column focusing on one question I have asked various members of the clergy. That question is: What five books would you recommend as must-reads for Catholics today? I left the responses open to current or classic books with the only restriction being that the Bible and the Catechism could not be used as they are a given. This week we welcome Bishop David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsbu … [Read more...]

CBB Featured CD – New Oct. Releases from Lighthouse


This week I am featuring four brand titles released in October by Lighthouse Catholic Media.Click the cover image above  to purchase this talk  as either a CD or MP3 download.In this Christmas themed presentation, Fr. Shannon Collins sheds new light on the biblical narratives of the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as the beautiful Christmas traditions of the Church.Fr. Shannon Collins joined the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy in 1994. As a priest in the Fathers of Mercy, Fr. C … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day Eighty-Four: St. John Cassian tells us to learn practice before theory


Learn practice before theory The abbot Nesteros tells St. John Cassian that he needs to learn practice before he can tackle theory. You can’t reach the highest peak if the first step isn’t in place. Whoever would arrive at this theoretical knowledge must first pursue practical knowledge with all his might and main. For this practical knowledge can be acquired without theoretical, but theoretical cannot possibly be gained without practical. There are certain stages, so distinct, and arranged i … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Matt Leonard

PETE: First a simply worded but complex question. Why prayer?MATT LEONARD: Allow me to answer a question with a question, Pete. Why not prayer? How many of us actually think we’re praying enough? (Put your hand down unless you are a contemplative monk or nun in the hinterlands…which are far away.) To be honest, I don’t think there are enough good books on prayer. In fact, I don’t think there will ever be enough good books on prayer because prayer is what we’re made for. We were created by God … [Read more...]