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The Curious Christian
By Barnabas Piper

Like many people, when I heard of Barnabas Piper or read his blog posts online, I viewed him through the context of his respected pastor father. But through the frequently hilarious “Happy Rant” podcast, which he co-hosts, and books like “The Pastor’s Kid” and “Help My Unbelief,” he’s come out from the shadow of being only John Piper’s son and become a respected and refreshing voice in American Christian culture.

“The Curious Christian” is a call to wonder if the life of a Christian. It’s about the importance of asking questions, searching for answers, poking holes into things that make you go hmm. It’s a refreshing read because it’s neither a moralistic screed or a weighty theological tone. Instead, Piper focuses on a topic we too often relegate to childhood and unpacks its importance in our spiritual and mental health. Piper has an engaging, conversational style and the book is thoughtful and imaginative, which I’d argue any book about curiosity should be. This exploration of awe and wonder reminds us that we are constantly supposed to be looking up, probing in, asking questions and pressing forward; that do be bored and disinterested is to be dead instead. I needed this book; I felt refreshed by it. I highly recommend it.

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