Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Nineteen

Apologies for the tardiness, as I’ve been at Wild Goose all week. More on that soon, but for now, down to business…

Can I get my church dipped in chocolate?

Props for snarky church signage, despite the Satan reference.


Nope, no jingoism here. Move along.


A foolproof plan if ever there was one.

Not an advocate for graffiti, but you've got to wonder if Jesus did this overnight.

How many times would a driver have to glance at this to read it all?

Ahh, witty wordplay never gets old. Actually, it just did.

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  • Redwood Rhiadra

    Yay! I was worried when I didn’t see Slacktivist drop a link to this yesterday…

  • friendly reader

    Gamboa Union Church lost 60% of its membership when the military left the US Canal Zone in Panama, so yes, they are a little desperate. But it’s been 12 years, guys. You need to start having Spanish-language services rather than “English with Spanish translation;” the locals will understand you better, and you won’t have to rely on Anglo tourists.