Church Sign Epic Fails, “Show Him the Money” Edition

Daddy always told me summer was a sign that the Devil was coming to get me. Let’s see…no school/Satan. No school/Satan…Gimme a minute here.

So The Shack was wrong; God is a bald African American man with Tom Cruise fro an agent. Got it.

Come on kids, let’s play “pin the pastor to the cruciform!”

Yeah, and Slurpees are made with lava. Muahahahaaaa!

Dude, EVERYBODY is getting their own parking spot these days. Gah!

Bible-based, good Christian rain dancers only, please.

Finally all those dud Christians are getting sent back.

So…heaven is basically Portland, but with worse spelling?

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  • DTassell

    Thanks for stealing my picture dude without giving credit. “Holy Spirit Entrance”. At least Ed Stetzer gives credit. :(