Everyday Sunday, Breaking Bad, Drunk History and Hot Toddlers (HB CultureCast)

Go Get Trey's New Mega-Pop Dance ep.
Go Get Trey’s New Mega-Pop Dance ep.

This week, we’re featuring an interview that Christian did with Trey Pearson, front man for the band, Everyday Sunday. Trey and Christian chatted it up at the recent Wild Goose Festival, talking mainly about why a guy who has sold hundreds of thousands of records and landed scads of number-one songs within the Contemporary Christian Music scene would walk away from it all and go independent. His insight into the Christian music industry is truly fascinating. You’ll not want to miss this one, folks.

Then We take it off the rails (as usual) by foaming at the mouth about how awesome Breaking Bad is this season, along with some theories about what’s going to happen in the final episodes. Man, we’re gonna miss you, Brian Crantson. Come on our show? Pretty please???

Tripp & Christian Bust A Move to Trey
Tripp & Christian Bust A Move to Trey

We also chat about the new phenomenon that is known only as Drunk History, and Christian reveals his greatest gift ever received. Finally, we decry the burden that is parenting hot daughters, even if both of our girls aren’t even yet in kindergarten. Where’s my gun…


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    I have GRIMM envy. It’s a great show…at least down here in SoCal!