Advance Copies of BLOOD DOCTRINE? We’ve Got That!

Don’t you wish your T-shirt was hot like me? I mean, like my T-shirt. Never mind.

Yeah, I hear you. All of your friends listen covetously as you brag about how you were a part of the movement known as the BLOOD DOCTRINE novel project. They’re secretly seething through their forced smiles and gritting teeth, wishing they had jumped on the train when they had the chance.

Well we shouldn’t leave them out, should we?

Yes, the campaign is over, the T-shirts are in, books are being printed and E-books are in the final stages of being formatted.  As backers of the campaign, those who requested a book as a reward are GUARANTEED a signed first-run copy. So relax, take a moment and rest in that blessed assurance.

The good news, at least for those who either want additional copies, or who know folks who want it, is that we will have about 250 copies left form the original print run to sell through before we go to a second printing. Of course we’ll make more, but never again will there be a first run.

My esteemed partners and friends at CrowdScribed have jumped into the fray with a plan to push those copies out the door. So please be sure to check out the deal they have for those still seeking a pre-ordered copy.

Here’s the deal: pre-order through CrowdScribed and get either the e-book (in the format of your choosing) for $7.50, or get both the e-book and a signed first printing hard copy for only $20 (shipping included). I’m no math whiz, but methinks that’s a pretty damn good deal.

So please help us spread the word about this to help ensure that we come out of the gate with a sold-out first printing. That would speak volumes to the onlookers in the publishing world, and would serve as further evidence that, together, we’re changing the face of how books are published and read.

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    What do you mean by “changing the face of how books are published and read”?