Most cities in the U.S. are experiencing a wave of re-urbanization. From high-rise condos to boutique groceries, it’s everywhere. What was old is becoming new. So why is that a bad thing? It ain’t necessarily, author, pastor and activist Leroy Barber explains this week. But the way we do it, he says, needs a major overhaul. We also dive into immigration and how the two actually are related. We also figured we could be a culture and current events show… Read more

When Tripp Fuller, founder and host of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast and network, and I sat down over beers more than three years ago and talked about starting a show on culture and spirituality, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, in the very best way. It started with Jordan Green and me, sitting around a laptop in his living room. Then Andy Campbell, Amy Piatt and I crowded around a single microphone. All pretty rigged, if I’m… Read more

If you listened last week, we talked it up with Hell’s Kitchen’s own Portia Sabin, daughter of an actor and casting director who set out on her own to, oh, I dunno…get a PhD in cultural anthropology from Columbia, start a management company, tour the country with her own band and then take over Kill Rock Stars Records here in Portland. You know, regular stuff. This week she fills us in on how the music business works (and doesn’t) these… Read more

There’s a well-known phenomenon in churches where young families, many of whom have not been involved in organized religion since before college, return to a community of faith once they have kids. If asked why, many of the parents say they come back because they want their children to learn the importance of the values promoted by that religion: compassion, patience, love, generosity, humility. But what if that same religious community actually is making their kids meaner than they’d be… Read more

Christian sat down with Portia Sabin, head of Kill Rock Stars’ Records, in their main office to hear her pretty amazing personal story. From growing up in Hell’s Kitchen to touring in her own band, doing post-doc work at Columbia and finally running a label, she has a life as exotic as her name. Plus she’s just a plain ol’ badass, and we like us some badasses on the CultureCast. This is part one of a two-part talk with Portia, mainly… Read more

My friend Jonathan Merritt shared a video in his most recent piece for the Washington Post that has gone a little bit viral. It’s basically this guy claiming to be a Christian who is ranting outside of his local Starbucks about the evils of the company removing ‘Merry Christmas’ from their coffee cups. So his solution: when they ask you your name at the counter, tell them it’s “Merry Christmas.” this way they have to write it on the cup… Read more

We’re stoked to have our first creator and author of a comic book series as our guest this week. Mark Russell has joined us on an earlier show a long time ago to talk about his book, “God Is Disappointed In You,” illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler. But now he’s the mastermind behind DC Comics’ latest offering, “PREZ,” which is about a teenage girl who, after a curious corndog incident (if I had a nickel…), becomes Commander in… Read more

My latest book project, “Not That Kind of Christian: Loving God Without Being an A**hole,” is a project of passion for me. I’m not writing it for a publisher or a big advance. I’ve actually turned down multiple book deals and am willingly paying out of my own pocket for this book because I want it to be pure, edgy and irreverently poignant. Usually when we put a book through a publishing house, it changes – often many times -… Read more

I was really excited to get to interview author Emma Donoghue this week, author of the international bestseller and multiple award winning book, ROOM. She also worked with Director Lenny Abrahamson (Frank, What Richard Did) to write the screenplay and tell such a gripping, moving story in just 90 minutes. The film, which also has won several awards, is receiving lots of Oscar buzz. Variety Magazine suggests that it’s even a strong contender for the Best Film award from the… Read more

I took some time with Aric Clark to talk about my newest book project, “Not That Kind of Christian.” Crowdfunding is done in less than three days, so be sure to preorder yours and help us meet our goal after watching the interview.   Or just VISIT THE SITE to read the full story on “Not That Kind of Christian: Loving God Without Being an A**hole.” Read more

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