Win a Free DVD of “The Way”

Though we won’t be announcing the full slate of this year’s Christopher Award winners until some time in March, we are ready to say that the film, “The Way,” directed by Emilio Estevez and starring Martin Sheen, is one of the winners in the Film category this year! To celebrate that, we’ll be giving away three DVD copies of the movie on its official home video release date, Tuesday Feb. 21. To enter, you only have to do two things:

1. Leave a comment below about why you want to win “The Way” (or what you thought of it if you’ve already seen it). The comment can be short and sweet – anything from “I like the idea of going on a pilgrimage” to “Because I liked Emilio in ‘Young Guns’ and Martin in ‘Apocalypse Now.’”

2. After you leave a comment, kindly subscribe to email updates for the “Christopher Closeup” blog by scrolling to the box on the right side of the screen that says “Subscribe By Email,” and entering your email address.

We’ll pick three winners on Tuesday afternoon, so be sure to enter before then. In case you’re not familiar with the movie, here’s a brief description:

THE WAY is a powerful and inspirational story about family, friends and the challenges we face while navigating this ever-changing and complicated world. Martin Sheen plays Tom, an irascible American doctor who comes to France to deal with the tragic loss of his son (played by Emilio Estevez). Rather than return home, Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage “The Way of St. James” to honor his son’s desire to finish the journey. What Tom doesn’t plan on is the profound impact this trip will have on him. Through unexpected and oftentimes amusing experiences along “The Way,” Tom discovers the difference between “the life we live and the life we choose.”

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  • Jack

    Not only would I like to go on a pilgrimage, but would like to use the DVD as an inspirational RCIA tool.

  • Martin Serraes

    Martin Sheen is a great inspiration to me. He not only lives his Catholic faith in a public way. He also puts his money where his mouth is. Caring for the least of our brothers and sisters. I’d love the DVD. I travelled about 30 miles to see the film when it was released.

  • Maria Touet

    I admire Martin Sheen, for his acting as well as his deep faith. For a few years now I have been interested in the Camino of Santiago de Compostela, maybe some day I will be able to walk it. It would be wonderful to win a copy of this movie, especially so that our theology department could share it with our students.

  • Terri Mensch

    this movie wasn’t shown in the area of southern Oregon where I live and I would love to see it! thanks

  • LindaM

    I would love to see this movie and go on a pilgrimage. Plus I love Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez!

  • Linda A.

    We did catch the pre-screening of “The Way” in PHX & loved it! Would love to share it on one of our monthly Catholic Movie Nights in our home!!

  • Beth in TN

    Our priest has made the pilgrimage. It would be great to see what he’s talked about. I’ll never make it to Europe, so have to live vicariously through media such as this!

  • Lori

    I cried through most of the movie I was so moved! It reminded me of my daughter and her wanting to get into life and I want it to stay in a box. I loved all the characters and their personal journeys. I hope many people can witness this great expression of life and personal spirituality. Thanks for the beautiful production.

    • Jeanette

      would love to win a copy of this DVD

  • Gricelda Garcia

    I have heard so much about this movie of Emilio Estevez, that I just would love to see it with my family.
    It’s “El camino de Santiago” in spanish.

  • Deacon Chuck Stevens

    This movie has inspired me to walk the Camino pilgrimmage, and while it will take me three more years until I can go, the planning has begun!

  • Camille

    My sister has a friend who rediscovered her faith doing a pilgrimage to Compostela. I have not yet been able to have this religious experience, but at least I can be a spectator through this movie.

  • Jim Francis

    Martin Sheen has done some Great work for the Passionist of St Paul and everything he does is very good.

  • Susan

    I’d like to win the DVD because I want to slip the DVD into my laptop, secure my headphones, sip on some wine, and escape into a journey that will transport me, if temporarily, from a world full of cultural rot. :)

  • Carley

    With many small children my husband and I never get out to see movies and we have been told by many friends and family that this is an excellent movie. We would love to see it and have a copy to be able to share it with others.

  • Fr. Matt

    I wanted to go to Compostela in Thanksgiving after my ordination, alas, it didn’t work out and I’d love to use the movie in my high school classroom.

  • Karen

    I LOVE whenever a filmmaker does a truly Catholic film. Hope this doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Will Marrero

    I have heard so much about the movie and the pilgrimage. I would love to be able to see the movie and share it with family and friends.

  • Patrick H.

    I have been contemplating for a couple years now about going on the Camino and/or Lough Dreg because a gentleman who lived with my family back in the late 60′s did the Camino.

  • Jeff Stutsman

    I think Martin Sheen is a fine actor and I do love inspirational movies

  • Joanne Mercier

    As a DRE on a tight budget, I would love to win this DVD and use this movie as part of our Lenten film series. I think my parishes would benefit from going on a pilgrimage of sorts this year.

  • http://christophercloseup judy russell

    good sharing material

  • Matt Schiller

    I saw The Way right after it opened with my 25 year old son. A great film and a terrific father-son faith moment for us both. I would like a copy so that I can watch it again and again.

  • mary

    I have always been a fan of Martin Sheen. I’d love to see the movie; I’ve heard great things about it. As the single mother of two young men, I think this would be a wonderful way for me to take my sons on a pilgrimage that we could afford and all benefit from.

  • Susan Sholtis

    I have been fortunate to have made one pilgrimage and am looking forward to another pilgrimage in June, this time to Assisi. The experience of a pilgrimage is a distillation of our lives, and reminds us that all of life really is the ultimate pilgrimage. I would love to make The Way part of the few movies that merit repeated viewings!

  • John M. Egan

    I have seen this wonderful movie. Seeing Tom continue the pilgrimage, and meeting the other pilgrims who have their own reasons for finding meaning on this pilgrimage (like finding meaning in this life) is truly inspirational!

  • kathleen

    This is a pilgrimage I would like to make someday –
    Or even part of it if I can make it over there!
    would love to win a copy of the DVD!

  • Jacqueline Puentes

    I like Martin Sheen (especially in West Wing) and would love to see this movie!