“Star Wars” + A Crying Baby = Something for Everyone

I’m busy proofreading the new “Three Minutes a Day” book and also packing because The Christophers are relocating to different office space in our building, so no time for big blog posts right now. But here’s some lighter fare for people who like “Star Wars” and/or baby videos. John Williams “hath charms to soothe the savage breast.”

A little background from ABC News:

The “Star Wars” theme song as a lullaby?

For 7-month-old Sebastian Leyack of Santa Rosa, Calif., yes, it is. You could say “the force” is with tiny Sebastian, who appears to only have ears for the internationally known score to the famous movie trilogy, something his parents discovered by accident.

“We were driving down to visit my parents and I wasn’t in a place where I could stop safely and he was crying and crying,” Sebastian’s mom, Amy Leyack, said. “We had just left the house and he was fed, had a clean diaper and a nap so there was nothing wrong but he was upset and I couldn’t stop.

“I turned on the radio and that [‘Star Wars’] was the first song and he stopped crying,” she said. “I changed it to other music and he started crying, so I went back and he stopped.”

Leyack couldn’t believe that, first, the music had soothed him so quickly and that, second, it was “Star War”s music that did it.

“His dad is a big ‘Star Wars’ fan,” she said.

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