BOM Alma 11

   Today's reading is Alma 11. I've already posted recently -- here and then here -- about Nephite "coinage" as it's set forth in this chapter, so I won't return to that topic. One of the high points of Alma 11 is Amulek's strong testimony of the resurrection in verses 43-45:  The spirit and the body shall be reunited again in its perfect form; both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame, even as we now are at this t … [Read More...]

“Ignorance and fear are big obstacles for Muslim start-up founders”

  If I were a businessman or a venture capitalist, I would see this as a potentially huge, underserved market: Seriously. There are enormous opportunities here.   … [Read More...]

“Jane Eyre”

  With a group from our neighborhood, my wife and I regularly go out to dinner and then attend the latest production at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. It's a real highlight for me, to be able to talk with neighbors and then to enjoy good live theater not far from home. Last night, we saw a musical production of Jane Eyre, based upon Charlotte Brontë's famous 1847 novel. Many would be shocked to know that I'm really rather something … [Read More...]

“Living Longer”

  An interesting short piece by the famous University of Chicago church historian Martin Marty: I've been aware of such findings for quite a few years now, but the science seems to be firming up considerably. On a virulently anti-Mormon (mostly atheist) message board that I look in upon fairly frequently -- deep inside me, there's always been an aspiring social psychologist -- a … [Read More...]

Of Mormons, larger families, levels of education, etc.

  Higher numbers of children typically mean less education for each child. But Mormons appear to violate this generalization rather significantly:   … [Read More...]

Faith in times of personal challenge

  “Faith is a footbridge that you don't know will hold you up over the chasm until you're forced to walk out onto it.” Nicholas Wolterstorff, Lament for a Son   … [Read More...]

The Qur‘an on the eternal fate of Christians, Jews, and Sabaeans

  “Truly, those who believe, and those who practice Judaism, and the Christians, and the Sabaeans -- whoever believes in God and the last day and does righteous works -- they shall have their reward with their Lord.  There shall be no fear upon them, nor shall they grieve.”  (My translation)   … [Read More...]

“Old Testament divine council called a ‘sod'”

  A Hamblin/Peterson Deseret News article from nearly 3.5 years ago that I think some will still find of interest:   … [Read More...]

“Killer Nile crocodiles in Florida?”

  As if the possibility of a Trump presidency weren't scary enough on its own:   … [Read More...]

Independent Journal: “Mormons Hold the Key for 3rd Party Success Against Trump and Hillary. Here’s Where They Stand.” I'm proud of my fellow-religionists' misgivings about Mr. Donald Trump. People sometimes wonder whether we're really all that different from other Americans, and from conservative Evangelicals.  Well, Evangelicals (and certain Evangelical leaders) have gone all out for Mr. Trump -- but Latter-day Saints have been … [Read More...]