Linda Hunter Adams, 1941-2016

    Now that her obituary has publicly appeared, I’m free to pay tribute to our good friend Linda Hunter Adams, who passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer that ebbed and flowed over a number of years.   She was a member of a weekly study group to which my wife also belongs, as [Read More…]

“There’s a Suicide Epidemic in Utah — And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why”

    All sorts of explanations have been proposed.  Many, inevitably, have sought to blame the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the apparent problem.  Some have resorted to (occasionally quite dubious) statistics in order to lay it specifically at the feet of Mormon teachings about homosexuality.   Here’s another suggestion: [Read More…]

“Richard Bushman Reaffirms his Testimony of ‘angels, plates, translations, revelations'”

    A further statement from Professor Richard Bushman — following on the heels of this one — for those who continue to be interested in the recent “kerfuffle”:   Richard Bushman Reaffirms his Testimony of “angels, plates, translations, revelations”   Thanks to Stephen Smoot for bringing it to my notice.     [Read more…]

I’m voting for Trump.

    I’ve been informed, over and over and over again, that, if I don’t vote for Mr. Donald J. Trump, I’m effectively voting for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.   “Too bad you’re for Hillary!” I’ve been told by more Trumpists than I can count.  “You’ll be responsible if Hillary wins!”   Well, by Trumpist reasoning, since [Read More…]

On integrity

    “Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.” — George Eliot   “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.” Exodus 23:2 (New International Version) [Read more…]

Seeking photographs

    For a project that I’m working on, I really want to find some photographs of Robert Cundick, formerly a Tabernacle organist, during the time that he and his wife were working in the BYU Jerusalem Center as a volunteer service couple.  (He was the organist at the Center, as well as at the [Read More…]

“Are Mormons in their 20s and 30s leaving the LDS Church?”

    I failed to note this piece back in April when it appeared.  (I was in the throes of grading final papers, creating final exams, and preparing for a month or so out of the country.)   But it raises an issue that merits examination and reflection:   Are Mormons in their 20s and [Read More…]

“Ann Cannon: Dear Donald Trump, a history lesson on the Mormon ‘Extermination Order’”

    This piece seems appropriate at this time of conjunction between the Republican National Convention and preparations for Pioneer Day:   As one nineteenth century General Authority reminisced, thinking of the pioneer trek to the Great Basin, “We came here voluntarily, because we had to.”     [Read more…]

“LDS Church rolls out ‘Meet the Mormons’ — the sequel”     [Read more…]

How terrorism is taking a toll on international tourist trade   It’s obvious that hurting tourism is among the goals of today’s Islamist terrorists, and they’re succeeding.   You might think, at first blush, that this isn’t all that big a deal.  After all, isn’t tourism something of a frivolous and dispensable luxury?   Well, not really.  Significant dips in tourism seriously [Read More…]