Sadly too true.

    … [Read more...]

“Don’t be surprised if Mitt Romney is on the GOP primary ballot”

Governor Mitt Romney I doubt that he'll run.  But I wish he would. (The Washington Examiner, by the way, is a front organization for Fox News, and Hugh Hewitt is a pen name for Sean Hannity.  Or something like that.  Anyway, I apparently take my marching orders from Sean Hannity and Fox.)   … [Read more...]

Howard Zinn, “Agit Prof”

Professor Greenberg doesn't LOOK much like Sean Hannity . . .

  In the wake of my recent comment about Dinish D'Souza's film America, some of you have shown a bit of interest in the late leftist historian Howard Zinn.  Here, brought to my notice by Paul Peterson (no relation), is a balanced discussion of Zinn and his work: It's from The New Republic, which a few out there will probably suspect to be a front for Fox … [Read more...]

“Dissent and Mormon Mission”

St. Patrick's Cathedral, in New York City

   A Dominican Catholic priest looks at excommunication for apostasy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  -- something that's been in the news of late: Thanks to Nathaniel Hancock for bringing this item to my notice.   … [Read more...]

“The Parent Trap”

Always look to the state as the most reliable guardian of children,

   Here's a scary and somewhat infuriating item from the New York Times -- the infamous ultra-right-wing rag that operates as a front for Sean Hannity and Fox News (from whom I get all of my "facts" and by whom I'm spoon fed all of my opinions):   … [Read more...]

Le Disgraziate

Surprisingly, you may not be the only person there.

   My friend and colleague Bill Hamblin is, as I write, cavorting about Italy, where he served his mission many, many, many, many -- many -- years ago.  Based on his recent experiences with public transportation in Rome, he's now thinking of trying his hand at grand opera: Been there, done that.  Recently. But I'm thinking more of ballet.  Ever seen me do … [Read more...]

“It’s official: Americans say Mitt Romney was pretty much right about Russia”

Too late they recognize the truth Of course he was. Unfortunately, my citation of this article will merely demonstrate to at least two of my critics that I really do get all of my "facts" and opinions from Fox News:  The notoriously right-wing tabloid calling itself the "Washington Post" is probably a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fox, and … [Read more...]

“How Harrison Ford’s broken leg could affect ‘Star Wars’ Episode VII”

The man himself

  Of such small things is history -- including military and film history -- made: I know the author well.   … [Read more...]