New Testament 77

A fertile plain in modern Israel (Click to enlarge.)

   Luke 6:17-20Compare Matthew 4:24-5:2; Mark 3:7-13 There is an obvious version of the Sermon on the Mount given in Luke.  It's often called "The Sermon on the Plain." Is Luke giving a variant account of the incident in Matthew? Maybe. I think it entirely plausible, though, and not at all difficult to imagine, that Jesus might have delivered so great a sermon on more than one occasion during his Palestinian m … [Read more...]

A positive article in the Huffington Post (!) about LDS/LGBT relations

Salt Lake City in 1980. The skyline has changed a fair amount since then, but the mountains haven't, and  I like to think that I'm the same unpleasant and hateful wretch that I've always been.

   Who woulda thunk it? Of course, as an anonymous-message-board-poster-certified hater of everyone who isn't white, conservative, and fanatically Mormon like myself, I imagine that I'm against such friendly meetings.   … [Read more...]

“Only in sleep,” again

At Trinity College, Cambridge

  Roughly a year ago, I posted an entry about an exquisitely beautiful piece of choral music that I had just heard for the first time.  (I provided the words of the moving Sara Teasdale poem on which it's based, which might prove useful.)  Unfortunately, the best online recording of the piece that I could find wasn't entirely adequate. Now, though, a reader posting as "Hendra" has called my attention to a performance of the piece by the choir of Trinity Col … [Read more...]

“We hide the word ‘Catholic’ from prospective students”

Main entrance to Gonzaga University

  Nearly three decades ago, when I first joined the faculty of Brigham Young University (after having fallen in love with the place as an undergraduate), I might well have read this article with a complacent (perhaps even somewhat superior) sense of "it can't happen here": These days?  Not so much. In recent years, I've come to regard … [Read more...]

“In the gospel, faith must come first”

"The Garden Tomb" (Phillip Benshmuel, 2008)

  A very good article in the Deseret News by Taylor Halverson:   … [Read more...]

Seven Mormon blogs (other than mine)

St. Patrick's, Maynooth

  Just a reminder of several Mormon-oriented blogs by people whom I like: They've each added one or more entries since last I mentioned … [Read more...]

“Islamic State continues destruction of antiquities in Iraq”

At the entrance to Karnak

  Apart from the gratuitous silliness of trying to blame the United States for ISIS, this is an article worth reading: See this earlier item, as well: It's good to know that the depravity of ISIS isn't limited merely to … [Read more...]

On the distinction between “involvement” and “commitment”

A close-up of a hen

  How to explain the difference between involvement and commitment? Think of a breakfast of ham and eggs. The chicken is "involved."  The pig is "committed."   … [Read more...]