Two announcements, one old and one new, on the Interpreter website

A common feature

   Here's a call for papers on "Religion and the Book" to which I hope some Latter-day Saint scholars will respond.  Thanks to Gordon Thomasson for bringing it to our attention: And, while I'm at it, just in case there are any people out there who might still be working on an essay for submission, I want to note that the deadline for the Ruth M. Stephens Article Prize is 18 June. this … [Read more...]

“Meet the new bigotry, same as the old bigotry”

Not exactly a useful discussion technique -- unless, of course, your goal is simply to marginalize, dismiss, and silence the other person.  In that case, it can be an extraordinarily powerful tool.

  I've been on the receiving end of this sort of thing, too.  Quite a bit. But, even if I hadn't been, I would still agree with this blogger's point and join in his call:  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

Fifteen seconds of justice

In this case, at least, justice definitely wasn't blind.

   Apparently, this tourist had been taunting an elephant in a zoo. With that in mind, the short little clip below is very gratifying:  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

Elder Oaks discusses religious freedom

President Truman, of course, was a Democrat. (Click to enlarge.)

  You may have missed this: I happen to know that the question of religious freedom is very much on the minds of several of the senior leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Perhaps of all of them.  They are quite concerned.  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

“Echoes of Aaronic priesthood offices continue still today in the most ancient churches of Christendom”

A Roman Catholic priest celebrates mass  Posted from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

“Changing the Church: How Ordain Women gets it wrong”

LDS sister missionaries, not members (so far as I know it) of Ordain Women

  This, I think, is a worthwhile comment from someone in an unusually good position to speak on the topic:  Posted, to the irritation of a few, from Orlando, Florida    … [Read more...]

“There’s no big mystery here, folks”: Location and jurisdiction in Church councils

This isn't actually a scene from an LDS Church disciplinary council. (Click to enlarge.)

  Some, bothered  by a case currently in the news,  have raised doubts about the legitimacy of disciplinary councils in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where the person in question has moved beyond the boundaries of the ward or stake convening such a council. Dr. Gregory Smith, a currently-serving bishop, offers informed insight on the m … [Read more...]

“Photo of Missionaries Doing Service Goes Viral”

"Mormon Helping Hands"  -- the characteristic yellow safety vests, this time in Nairobi, Kenya (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

   This is how I would like the Church and its members to be known: There are those who're angry that the Church sometimes publicizes the humanitarian assistance that Latter-day Saints give around the world.  Others, however -- or, worse, perhaps even some of the same people -- are angry because, they say, the Church isn't engaged in humanitarian service.  it d … [Read more...]