At the root of our current distemper

    “If you want to have order in the commonwealth, you first have to have order in the individual soul.” Russell Kirk     [Read more…]

Celebrating the Interpreter Foundation’s fourth birthday

    Last night, about seventy-five officers, volunteers, and friends of the Interpreter Foundation gathered to celebrate its fourth birthday.  We had a great meal, thanks especially to Bruce Webster, a long-time participant in our scripture roundtables who has just joined our board and who, it turns out, is an expert smoker of meats.  A [Read More…]

“Woody Allen is wrong about the afterlife”

    He’s a clever filmmaker.  But, this article suggests, perhaps he’s not a really good scholar of Judaism.   Woody Allen is wrong about the afterlife     [Read more…]

A belated report on Friday afternoon at the FairMormon conference

    Patrick Mason was the first FairMormon speaker on Friday afternoon.  His remarks, entitled “The Courage of Our Convictions: Embracing Mormonism in a Secular Age,” seemed to draw from his recent book Planted, and were well received.  He argued for kindness and openness in our relations with those who harbor questions, entertain doubts, differ [Read More…]

“Kepler’s ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Just Got Weirder”

    A genuine puzzle:   Are the invaders coming to get us?   Aieeeeeeee!     [Read more…]

“America’s Largest Outdoor Theatre Event Features 700 Lip Syncing Mormons”

    A rather decent account — betraying only relatively slight traces of cynicism — of the Hill Cumorah Pageant (or, as the article’s subtitle puts it, of “the real Book of Mormon“):     [Read more…]

“An American Muslim Fencer Lunges Into U.S. Olympic History In Rio”     [Read more…]

Religion News Service: “A new Mormon temple rises in Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia”

    A somewhat more in-depth (or, at least, more interesting) treatment than we often see in such stories:   A new Mormon temple rises in Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia     [Read more…]

Martin Luther on the home as a school

     After his own marriage Luther’s tone shifted to a stress upon the home as a school for character. It is the area where the Christian virtues find their readiest exemplification, and, whereas in Catholicism monasticism is the sphere for the cultivation of the counsels of perfection, in Protestantism the home is as it [Read More…]

“So yer goin’ huntin’ agin?”

    Utah’s deer seasons are approaching.  And so, with that in mind, I bring you this classic video.  The image quality is terrible; I wish I could find a better version but, though I’ve tried, I haven’t located one.   Still, it’s wonderful.     [Read more…]