If All Lives Really Matter: The False Racial Unity of Glenn Beck’s Massive March on Birmingham

Photo Courtesy of Joe Songer/Al.com

Contrary to what conservative pundits would have you believe, Black Lives Matter is not a call to division. It’s actually a call for unity.  Because the truth is, we aren’t united and haven’t been.  Not since slavery.  Not since lynchings. Not since Emmett Till. Not since Jim Crow. Not since the Drug War.  Not since [Read More...]

Questioning Prayer: Why Should I Keep Praying After Yet Another Shooting?


I have asked and I have asked. I have begged, and I have pleaded. And yet my requests have gone unanswered. I have offered constant intercession to you — a plea to stop the violence, a plea for some kind of intervention to end the killing, the tragedy, and the senseless deaths. But the resounding silence in response is [Read More...]

Rolling Back Rights: Why the Bill of Rights Could Never Happen Today


The Bill of Rights could never happen in today’s political climate. Between Fox News, special-interest lobbying, and social media outrage, I think very few, if any, of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution would stand a chance of passing Congress in 2015. In fact, were James Madison to propose the Bill of Rights today [Read More...]

Witnessing Murder: Spirituality and Emotional Trauma in the Age of Viral Violence


With unprecedented intimacy and frequency, Americans are becoming witnesses to murder. With the videos of beheadings and the footage of Black people being murdered by police, we’ve begun watching real people die violently in real-time, often from the palm of our hands or from the screens in our laps. Most recently, we streamed the disturbing body [Read More...]

“Because Cotillions!” & Other Episcopal #AutoCorrect Fails

Autocorrect copy

Like most folks, I do a lot of things while I’m doing a lot of other things. As primarily a stay-at-home dad right now, it often means that I make notes while I’m doing dishes, cleaning rooms, folding clothes, or ferrying kids to and from summer activities or camps. Typically, Apple’s speech-to-text software is pretty [Read More...]

Mass White Violence is Killing this Country


Another shooting. Another chance to insist on gun control. Another unexplainable death of a black person. Another chance to insist that Black Lives Matter. Another shooter who is white. Another police officer who is white. Another murderer. Another radical. Another extremist. Another terrorist. Another white person with a gun Loaded with hyper masculinity and white [Read More...]

This is REAL Christian Persecution: Augusta Church Hit with anti-LGBT Hate Crime


Christian persecution in the United States is real. It’s just not what you think. Christian persecution isn’t about having to offer birth control to women. It’s not about having to serve wedding cakes to gay and lesbian couples. Christian persecution isn’t even having people call you out when you spout homophobic, sexist, or racist opinions, veiled blasphemously as biblical. Real [Read More...]

Peace is Not Tranquility (A #WGFest2015 Lectionary Reflection)


  Lectionary Year B — Proper 11 — Mark 6:30-34; 53-56 On Saturday, my youngest son and I spent an afternoon carefully stacking a half-dozen rocks that had been worn smooth and elliptical by the French Broad River that eddied around our knees.  The swift river and its small pockets of whitewater drowned out the world around us [Read More...]

Atticus Finch: Of Course, Our White Savior Is a Racist #GoSetAWatchman

Source: Harper Lee's Facebook Page

Of course Atticus Finch was a racist. Atticus didn’t defend Tom Robinson because he was some great advocate for racial justice, but because it was his duty to the law and a judge forced him to. Atticus believed in the law first, not in equality. And the law during Mockingbird? It allowed for segregation and overt white [Read More...]

God Bless America. Are you sure about that?


You might want to think twice this Fourth of July weekend before singing “God Bless America.” Since 9/11, this sentimental bit of civil religion has become a national anthem of its own and almost every politician loves to end their speeches with this benediction. But it has always struck me as an odd thing to [Read More...]