Are you Catholic?

There’s a new social website for Catholics — and, really, non-Catholics — called Are You Catholic? The site has posted an introductory video, below.

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Details, from the website: – An easy way for Catholics to publicly and anonymously share what it means to be Catholic. An active Catholic Church offers its parishioners the ability to share with the public the random acts of charity they perform in the community. All acts are traced back to the church and offer excellent and positive visibility to the Catholic Church and also helps spread the message of Catholicism.

There has been a recent decline in the number of Catholic Churches since 2000 as the number has dropped from 19,627 in the United States to 18,372 in 2010. (Statistics from 2011 Catholic Almanac) This trend can be directly linked to the need for the Catholic Church to generate other forms of revenue to sustain its presence. looks to be the first of its kind to generate a steady online presence for the Catholic Church and also give back to the organization that it is targeting.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this, since it appears to advocate and encourage shamelessly touting our own good deeds — which seems, frankly, counter-Christian.    (Whatever happened to not letting your right hand know what your left is doing??)

But see what you think.  Visit the Are You Catholic? site for more information.


  1. What do I think? Preacher Thomas, please speak for me:

  2. Moonshadow says:

    It’s a fairly anonymous listing of good deeds, so scruples don’t come into play, imo. Someone is taking the trouble to provide feedback in the form of encouraging comments on many of the good deeds listed. Trying to jumpstart the enthusiasm.

    I think there are too many Catholic churches – often with the same name – for this type of thing to really make sense. It might work to boost morale in a specific diocese (and maybe that’s what this really is), but not across the country.

  3. Thanks for the posting and the comments everyone! I have been working hard to start a movement.

    We need something especially for our youth. I think it is a step in the right direction! Unless we want to continue to be overtaken by the media expertise of the non-denominational movements.

  4. Another quick update, we have 83 Churches on the system. Many of which are across the world. Take a look at and see for yourself.

    I think it is kind of exciting, especially having participation from Catholics across the world. Yes, Moonshadow I do agree with you there are too many with the same name. We will address that as we continue to grow.

    Stay tuned, and please feel free to contact me whenever from the website.

    I am a Catholic first and foremost. So I am making sure that the technology aligns with that.


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