Shock: Catholic colleges supporting Planned Parenthood

Tim Drake over at the National Catholic Register has the scoop:

A new report, “A Scandalous Relationship: Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood”, by the Manassas, Va.-based Cardinal Newman Society, reveals more than 150 current and past connections between Catholic colleges and universities and Planned Parenthood.

The Cardinal Newman Society broke the connections down into seven different categories: Counseling and Medical Referrals; Internships and Fellowships; Job Referrals; Faculty, Staff, Leaders; Campus Clubs and Events, Academic Activities and Referrals; and Student and Alumni Recognition.

The report includes many well known Catholic colleges and universities, including the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown, Marquette University Law School, Boston College, Seattle University, St. Louis University, and many others.

The full report can be read here, and notes:

Any relationship to Planned Parenthood endangers students who may develop a sense of comfort with an organization that destroys innocent lives, ruins souls and plays a leading role in the demise of American culture. A Catholic educator who cares for the wellbeing of students would do everything possible to dissuade a student from entering the doors of a Planned Parenthood clinic. Nothing good can come of it.

Finally, the brazen manner in which Catholic colleges and universities are publicly disclosing—even proudly touting—their ties or the ties of their employees, students and alumni to Planned Parenthood is shocking. There appears to be a pervasive attitude toward Planned Parenthood that regards the abortion and contraceptive agency as benign. This attitude is simply inconsistent with a genuine Catholic sensibility.

Read the whole thing.

H/T New Advent

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14 responses to “Shock: Catholic colleges supporting Planned Parenthood”

  1. Obviously, Catholic colleges should not be fostering involvement with Planned Parenthood. But some things are worse than others. For example, if Abby Johnson obtained a position at a Catholic college, a full CV would disclose her years working for PP. And if an alumnus/a chooses to mention involvement with PP after graduation, printing the fact doesn’t imply approval, whereas a favorable article would.

    Overall, though, it’s a good exposé.

  2. I think that most ‘Catholic’ colleges these days are in name only. The liberal leadership produces policies that are counter to Vatican rules and Catholic views.

    This includes removing Crucifix’s from classrooms, to inviting pro-abortion politicians as speakers for graduations, to having pro-life groups arrested on their property.


    1) Archbishop Raymond Burke, who essentially leads the Vatican’s top court, said Notre Dame was wrong to invite Obama.

    2) Last year, Catholic colleges had an even higher percentage of Muslim students than the average four-year institution in the United States, according to the Higher Education Research Institute. The influx has astonished and sometimes befuddled administrators. Some Catholic campuses are creating prayer rooms for new Muslim students and hiring Islamic chaplains to minister to them.

    3) Cardinal Newman Society had issued a statement criticizing Pamela Trotman Reid, president of St. Joseph College in West Hartford, Conn., for appearing to dissent from Catholic teaching in comments praising Sen. Barack Obama and warning the next president’s Supreme Court nominees “could affect the right of women to make choices about their own health.” “It is a serious scandal when a Catholic college president appears to publicly dissent on the non-negotiable issue of abortion” Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society,wrote in a letter faxed to Reid. “The Catholic Church expects educators to be role models, upholding Catholic teaching and values.”

  3. Just looking through some of the examples from the report, I have to say that a number of them look like pretty weak links. For example, for Notre Dame the report lists the cv’s of two professors, one of whom is a librarian (how many students even interact with the librarians, honestly?), who had given lectures in the past, and additionally includes a list of useful links from a website of a group that identifies itself as an independent collective…

    there are some serious issues with some of the things listed, but I wonder if at points they are reaching, trying to make it look worse than it is

  4. This is a problem? PP doesn’t just do abortions—it has many other services for it’s clients. Unfortunately those folks who wish to put them out of business only mention the fact that they offer abortions.

  5. @ pagansister.

    You wrote: “PP doesn’t just do abortions—it has many other services for it’s clients.”

    You are correct, but the majority of income the Planned Parenthood generates is from performing abortions. In fact, this one company does the majority of abortions in the USA.

    Dr. Maureen Paul, the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood New York, told the media this, “”I’m sure we provide a good chunk of the abortions in the U.S.”

    Given the 332,278 abortions the group reported in 2009, the money Planned Parenthood took in from abortion that year was at least $149.9 million which represents more than a third of what Planned Parenthood took in in clinic revenues for the entire year ($404.9 million).

  6. Pagansister,

    You are correct in stating that PP does more than just abortions. But seen from the perspective of an authentically Catholic college administration, not much of it is any good.

    Yes, they distribute contraception, so as to help foster fornication.

    They also do STD testing and treatment; for those with insurance or cash. All others, as shown in the LA sting this January, are referred to the county health department for free services. This is in violation of the purpose for which they receive a third of a billion dollars a year.

    They lie about doing mammograms. They don’t, because they don’t own mammograms. They feel breasts and write referrals for mammograms.

    Of course, they also lie to women about the developmental status of the baby when asked, help to protect child rapists, help children evade mandatory parental notification and consent laws, etc.

    Other than that, what good is it that you see them doing?

    I did four degrees at a Catholic University, and taught at Catholic colleges. I’ve seen parents who saved their whole lives, living a threadbare existence in order to get the tuition to send their children to a Catholic college. And I’ve known some of these young adults who contracted HIV and assorted STD’s when their condoms failed. I’ve known many others who procured abortions after their contraceptives failed.

    The oft-ridiculed Magisterium has a better way, and PP is the enemy of that way.

  7. They offer birth control methods in order to prevent conception. Preventing conception prevents the possibility of an abortion. I would much perfer that students have access to birth control (even if some fail) then no access. Not all but many students in all colleges, even Catholic ones, who are going to engage in sexual activities. Better some protection than not. To say they offer birth control to “foster fornication” is a bit of over kill.

    Have no agruement with the things that you, Gerard and youGeorge mentioned. However, I still contend they do good as well as somethings considered by some to be “not good”.

  8. ANY affiliation or working WITH PPH is an anathema. Murdering babies is not Christ like whatsoever and any person who is even on faculty in ANY respect should be immediately fired.

    Why won’t that happen?


    and a lack of accountability

  9. TO pagansister… it’s not the churches responsibility to support pagan and murdering groups in anyway whatsoever. That means ANYWAY whatsoever.

  10. There are few Catholic colleges and universities in the USA, that are wholly Catholic. Even Catholic University is not considered fully Catholic from time to time. The Newman guide to Catholic colleges defines a Catholic college as having nearly all Catholics as professors. I am unsure of the percentage. There are a few Catholic colleges that require all their professors be Catholic. The Newman guide is published each year. Notre Dame hasn’t had Catholics teaching half of their college classes for years. I am told that Catholic University made the listing as being fully Catholic this year but I rather doubt this is so. Anytime a Catholic college hires none Catholics to teach the secular ideas start to seep in and soon take hold. It is sad that Catholic schools do not have Catholic requirements. The problem is the same for Catholic high schools, and grade schools. The majority of the colleges being fully Catholic are usually the smaller ones and the very elite ones. The University of Dallas, San Diego University, Newman College, with the most Catholic being located in Virginia. At the largest Catholic High School in my state they were allowed to debate abortion. This school is very expensive and has more non-Catholics than Catholic kids attending. The Newman guide will direct anyone to a fully Catholic college, but for grade school and high school it is a hit or miss prospect. I think the lack of education and liberalism that has wormed its’ way into the Church is why there are few who will volunteer at Birth Choice. Abortion is also being forced on us by the current federal administration.

  11. Exactly! Muslim students are quick to tell Christian students, Catholic or otherwise, that Jesus didn’t die on the cross for redemption of sins, and He isn’t the son of the Father, he was merely a good man, a prophet, who got himself killed. Our students are so lacking in knowledge of the faith they cannot respond and ultimately come to accept it as true or a probable truth. It is like the fox in the henhouse quandary for Catholic education, but complaining does ZERO good. The real problem with Catholic education begins in the grade schools where (in my city) there are 19 Catholic teachers and 28 non-Catholics teachers and many none Catholics in the administrative areas at the closest school. Plus the RE classes at Church and in the schools are about as good as nothing. Our Priest said if they are made to study in depth they won’t come back and the school will fail, plus parents won’t bring their kids to RE classes if they don’t have fun. I say the school is failing now, and has failed the Lord in the mission it was founded to carry out. When the majority of the Nuns left teaching and nursing the Catholic schools and the Catholic hospitals became secular. Complaining gets anyone who does much the label of being radical or a renegade and accused of being too judgmental. The common retort is “oh that went out after Vatican II.” Catholic education and morals have nearly deserted the Catholic Church. The kids who are home schooled with the Seaton Home School program learn and believe the tenets of the faith and seem to hold on to the truths regardless of how often they are challenged. The last three seminarians from my Church were home schooled.
    We picket PP every week day and on Saturdays but it is hard to get new people involved. They don’t want to be seen as unaccepting of others decisions and are worried about who will see them, apparently they are unworried what God sees. So be it…

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