Don’t give up your iPhone: here are some apps for Lent

Need a little help this Lent?  Look no further than your smartphone:

We’re a few days into the Lent 2012 season and what a better way to have an excuse tonot give up your iPhone and iPad than collecting a few apps that help, encourage, motivate, and inspire you to give up something else during this time.

Here’s a few apps we think think will do just that.

Check the link for a full list — including, first and foremost, the Magnificat Lenten Companion for 2012, with a full array of prayers, liturgy, essays and even poetry.  All that and more for just .99!


  1. Magnificat app is great. I love putting on the chant and then go through the morning prayer and meditation.

  2. The very fact that people are seriously discussing giving up their i-phone or twitter for Lent is powerful evidence of how far Christian society has fallen.

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