Mother Dolores at the Oscars: “This is very different than being in the monastery…”

Hollywood’s most famous nun since Julie Andrews returned to her old stomping grounds last night:

It wasn’t hard to spot Elvis Presley’s old co-star on the Oscars red carpet. She was the one wearing the nun’s habit.

Mother Dolores Hart, who left Hollywood 49 years ago to pursue a religious life, made a dramatic return Sunday to take part in the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony.

The Oscar-nominated documentary short film “God Is the Bigger Elvis,” tells the 73-year-old nun’s story.

“It’s absolutely an extraordinary event,” said Mother Dolores, her voice barely audible above the red carpet’s screaming bleacher fans. “Believe me, this is very different than being in the monastery.”

Hart left Hollywood in 1963 after starring in films with Presley, George Hamilton and others.

But even before her departure, she revealed Sunday, she was being drawn to her future calling.

“One of the things that Elvis and I did when we made ‘King Creole’ was we opened the Bible every afternoon before we went on set and we listened to the words of the Lord,” she recalled.

Asked what Presley would think of her nomination, she replied, “I think he would be very happy.”

The New York Post, meantime, adds another detail of her red-carpet walk:

Benedictine nun Mother Dolores — who stars in HBO’s short doc “God Is Bigger Than Elvis” — made a triumphant return to the Oscars last night. The former starlet who left showbiz 47 years ago to become a nun, and was an Oscar presenter in 1959, walked the red carpet in a full habit. “When the bleachers section called out to her, she put her fingers to the corners of her mouth and let out a huge whistle to the fans,” said a spy. “No one could believe such a loud sound came from the reserved Mother.”

For those who missed it: sadly, the documentary on Mother Dolores didn’t win.



  1. I didn’t get to see any of the pre-show but i did stay up and watch the entire ceremony but from what i could see, she didn’t appear on camera. I was so bummed out. Hopefully there is some video from the red carpet floating around.

  2. That is a shame she didn’t win. She makes me proud to be a Catholic.


    Here is some footage of Mother Dolores on the red carpet….as far as I’m concerned….she was the best dressed lady of the night!

  4. I couldn’t agree more, Jeanne. And thanks for the link. :-)

  5. Her vocation in the midst of Hollywood superstardom just floors me.

    Kind of moving to see her back in that environment; she looks perfectly at ease and happy.

  6. Wait it gets more amazing. The man who courted her for years in Hollywood and whom she left for religious life, never got over her. He continued to visit her at the Abbey for the next 40 years (!) or so until he passed away. He said he never found another love like he had for Dolores.

    Something else.

  7. You’re most welcome…and you have an awesome blog..thanks for your the time you put into it. DEO GRATIAS !!

  8. Wow!! Leave to Hollywood to completely ignore the “story” of the night Mother Dolores. This just shows how anti-Catholic and anti-religion they really are. Wow Angelina showed her skinny white leg ! That’s news and a young woman who chose faith over fame? Crickets………..

  9. Leaving Hollywood to pursue a religious life. She is beautiful. Interesting post! Thank you


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