219 Catholic couples married in mass wedding

It happened in Uganda:

Pomp and excitement engulfed Christians of Nebbi Cathedral, in Nebbi Town on Saturday as 219 couples exchanged marriage vows to remain together till death does them apart in a mass wedding.

The wedding was organized by Nebbi Catholic diocese and sponsored by friends and well-wishers through St Peters Clever, Mulagu community parish.

The Bishop of Nebbi Catholic diocese Rt Rev Lino Sanctus Wanok presided over the mass which he described as the first of its kind in his pastoral work.

“It was on Saturday that God created human beings in his image and the image was in form of man and woman. Today in our diocese, we are experiencing a historic event that I have not witnessed in my life, that God is creating 219 families not in their ways but through sacrament of matrimony,” The Bishop said.

The couples who were mostly above 40 years of age could not hide their excitement as they kept on showing their loves to their better halves to the over 5000 congregation who turned up to witness the occasion.

Some of the congregation came from Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bishop Wanok his homily said that couples should guard their love and matrimony jealously. He also urged parents to use the right family methods which are accepted by God to enable them have children that they can take care off.

“Guard your Matrimony jealously even God will support you because there is no place for a second wife in the bible but also do not produce children without plan because you will fail to take care of them,” he said.

But most of the couples appreciated the initiative of the mass wedding. They argue that they would not have had the resources to organize the wedding on their own. “I wanted to wed long time but only I was being limited by resources.

I can remember that I  tried four times to organized wedding on my own but I could not manage, I feel this is the best practice and I will live with  this woman till death,”  said Walter Opoka, 62, a resident of Nebbi Town  who wedded Margaret Obotho,47.

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  1. This is permissible?

  2. Why not? The US diocese do it all the time for the Hispanic ministry. Of course the numbers are smaller. It’s more like 50 couples at a time here.

  3. This, in fact, is not uncommon here in Africa. The reason most couples live together without benefit of the sacrament of matrimony is the social pressure to have a BIG wedding. They wait and wait and wait for the money to have a proper wedding. By having these large weddings, poor families can pool their resources with the resources of the parish church and manage to have what they otherwise only dreamed of having.

  4. pagansister says:

    Now that would not be a personal experience IMO. The memories would be that your wedding day was just you and your now husband AND 218 other couples!

  5. Sure. Alls ya need is capacity, consent ,and form. Everything else is fluff. Nice fluff, maybe. But fluff.

  6. that’s weird, i thought this was going under Doc’s post. oh well.

  7. Elaine S. says:

    “that would not be a personal experience”
    I dunno about that. Most of us who were raised Catholic received First Communion and Confirmation in large groups; did that make it any less meaningful? Did it prevent our families from celebrating afterwards in their own way? Or take graduations from high school or college; are they any less personal or meaningful because you receive your diploma with others and not all by yourself?
    Of course in each of these cases the other people going through the ceremony are not complete strangers, they are members of a class that have prepared for the occasion together. If these couples prepared for the sacrament of matrimony together then celebrating it together might also be meaningful for them.

  8. pagansister says:

    Graduations, confirmations etc. in a group to me is different than a wedding day but that’s just me. Elaine.

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