Joe Biden visits shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe


As the sun set over Mexico City, the Vice President of the United States toured the shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe. After a tour, VPOTUS walked across the square to the Antigua Parroquia de Los Indios (Old Church of the Indians), part of the pilgrimage for millions of Catholics.

Later, under a full moon, when reporters asked his assessment of the candidates he had met earlier, VPOTUS said, “I rather not talk about the candidates … I had a wonderful day with the candidates, but I had a better day here. I would have come just for this … It’s a great treasure.”

Biden, who is Catholic, recalled that his mother was a “great devotee of the blessed mother … My only regret is that she’s not here.”

He choked up and walked away.

The faithful have long believed that on 1531 an apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared in Mexico City in the form of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Since then the image of Guadalupe has become an iconic trademark for Catholics not just in Mexico and Latin America, but across neighborhoods in the United States.

VPOTUS walked up to the portrait of the virgin accompanied by monsignors. He later got on his knees and said a prayer. He toured the shrine as onlookers stared, some not sure the identity of the visitor surrounded by secret service agents and officials led by U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne.

Told that the visitor was VPOTUS, Maria Gomez, 53, a homemaker in Mexico City, said, “That’s marvelous. It’s not everyday that such an important figure from the United States, or the world, pays homage to our beloved virgin. I’m happy for his humility and happy to see some of the most powerful go out of their way to pay our virgin a visit.”

Nearby, Abel Flores, 56, a businessman with relatives working without documents in Texas and California, added: “I hope he’s a true devotee of our virgin, and not just another politician, which sadly happens here all too often.”

“I hope that by visiting the virgin he finds compassion in his heart and that he shares that with his countrymen. Only then will we see better treatment of our countrymen living in the United States and better policies to help bring peace to our nation.”


  1. Too bad Nancy and Kathleen couldn’t have joined him. I’m sure the Blessed Mother is a big fan of their conduct in office; all that support for abortion on demand and probably that HHS mandate also. I’m touched at how devout he is, maybe I’ll vote for him now…

  2. At least he did not ask “Who painted it?” like Hillary Clinton did.

  3. It must be election time. It’s time for Democrats to be supportive of Israel and make a show fo their religiosity. Time to put it over on the electorate again. I guess there are a bunch of suckers born every minute.

  4. Deacon Norb says:

    You know, when I first saw this post, I asked myself: “Now, if I were a Catholic/ Democratic Vice President of the United States, where else would I rather be during the Republican madness of “Super Tuesday” than at the peaceful Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe being taken on tour by a lot of local church officials.”

    Amen ?

  5. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    Actually, he was there on Monday — probably praying for a Rick Santorum sweep on Tuesday.

  6. Can anyone say, “Pandering to the Hispanic vote?”

    Maybe I shouldn’t be so cynical, but this is the same VP who is as rabidly proabort as his boss and master, who did all within his power as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to keep pro-life justices off the Supreme Court. He shares in the blood of tens of millions of innocents, and now sheds a tear before Our Lady’s image?

    Waiting to see some fruit.

  7. vox borealis says:

    More political theater. Yawn.

  8. Catholics don’t need enemies; we’re so good at judging and executing one another.

    You can disagree with Vice President Biden’s politics all you want, but I believe his commitment to his faith is much more than a photo op. In the same way, I disagree deeply with much of Mr Santorum’s politics, but I do not question the sincerity of his faith. Instead of mocking and belittling either, could we not get out of the way and pray for the intercession of the Patroness of the Americas to work God’s will for our country and its leaders? My faith convinces me it is never too late for that intercession to work wonders.

  9. fiestamom says:

    Who knows if he was there for a photo op. But even if he was there for a photo op, the Blessed Mother wasn’t. The Mother of God and her Son love him, and good for him for going there. I believe he was sincere in talking about his earthly mother. Who among us wouldn’t want to take our mothers to see the shrine? I continue to pray for all Catholic pro-aborts in public office. May their hearts be changed.

  10. Scott Mescher says:

    Like so many catholic politicians today, all of us at times compartmentalize our faith. if Jesus had come into the world now, there would have been the added pressure for His unwed mom to terminate the pregnancy. In effect, killing our Savior……….the very thought makes me shudder.

    I just pray that at some point our pro-choice catholic legislators are some day graced to realize this. It’s very hard to truly be “a great devotee of our blessed mother” without a metanoia to Our Lady’s pro-life example of selfless love and faith. Nevertheless, what a touching testament to his devoted mom…….

  11. This is so obviously designed to appeal to Hispanic voters that it actually made me laugh when I first saw it. Joe Biden is about Joe Biden, there is not a more arrogant man in Washington. I believe many of us who comment here are against legalized abortion and do what we can to oppose it in different ways. But imagine if you were someone like Biden who has actively worked to support and spread it. And then you go with a bunch of Mexican prelates and kneel down before this sacred image with the cameras clicking? If it were me, I would probably get ill and need to hit the nearest confessional.

  12. I found the comment by one of the bystanders to be interesting: “I hope that by visiting the virgin he finds compassion in his heart and that he shares that with his countrymen. Only then will we see better treatment of our countrymen living in the United States and better policies to help bring peace to our nation.”

    Contrast that comment with that of one of the commenters to the HuffPost article on the website: “For a supernatural being, she was most astonishingly ineffective as an advocate for the poor and oppressed.”

  13. It is amusing that Biden is trying wrap himself in Church prior to the election on one hand while Obama dictates to Archbishop Dolan on the other.

    Cardinal: Obama Admin Lectured Bishops on Catholic Teaching
    6 Feb 2012

    “Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops, has released a public letter today detailing a stunning conversation he and other bishops had with top White House officials about the controversial Obama mandate.”

    “Cardinal Francis George wrote that the administration apparently wants us to ‘give up for Lent’ our schools, hospitals, and charitable ministries.”

  14. jkm: “I believe his commitment to his faith is much more than a photo op.”

    Honestly, how do YOU really KNOW this? Are you his intimate or confessor?

    Biden has a long, long history of insincerity and false appearances, beginning with his notorious plagiarism of British Labor party leader Neil Knnock’s “stump speech” for Biden’s 1988 Presidential campaign.

    As for your disingenous suggestions of prayers to the “Patroness of the Americas,” my prayers to Our Lady are for the successors who will be elected in November to replace these two phonies (Obama & Biden).

  15. Biden is a joke. He was selected to try to fool Catholics into supporting Obama. It is rumored he was against the HHS mandate which shows his real influence in the administration. Obama pulls out Biden, his Catholic on a stick like Doug Kmiec, to use like trained animals to distract the masses from his total hatred of anyone who is an enemy of his PARTNER planned parenthood, the keeper of Obama death camps.
    We can hope that Our Lady will pull the blinders off of all those who claim to follow Christ but vote to support the party of death that has led to the holocaust in America 8 times greater human beings than Nazi death camps that killed 6 million Jews.

    I found this picture a good definition of total hypocrisy. One wonders if this Catholic on a stick will be able to get a great photo op with Catholic Bishops in America between now and November or have to continue to go to foreign countries. Hey Joe, how about asking for a photo op with Cardinal Dolan?

    ["Mark" ... watch it. Your hatred is showing. It's Lent. Love your enemies. Pray for your persecutors. Dcn. G.]

  16. Fiergenholt says:


    Glad you posted this particularly the last paragraph:

    “Contrast that comment with that of one of the commenters to the HuffPost article on the website: “For a supernatural being, she was most astonishingly ineffective as an advocate for the poor and oppressed.”

    Au Contraire: I find it very ironic that just the opposite has happened. Lady Mary of Guadalupe has been a sign and symbol of a major INDIGENOUS revival of Catholicism among the poor and downtrodden of the area south of the Rio Grande for over 480 years. That symbol of hope has been translated all over the formerly white/anglo parishes in North America and — no doubt — is sparking a revival in our country as well.

    Let’s just politely say that The Huffington Post can be so spectacularly ignorant.

  17. Deacon Moore says:

    Greg, Last night I shared with my spiritual director about my “addiction” to your blog, but also my concern that each time I read the comments, I become very disturbed. It seems that a good number of the people who respond to your posts are canon lawyers and/or theologians who can quote chapter and verse of this canon or that. On top of that, almost everyone seems to know about everyone elses intimate relationship with God. This post is a good example. Joe Biden, for all his good, and all his faults, went to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, maybe to pray, maybe for a photo-op. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t for both; that’s the nature of political life. None-the-less, the hatred expressed in this post and so many others by those who profess to be followers of the Prince of Peace has finally gotten to me and, so, it’s time for me to remove your site from my favorites listing. Much peace to you in your ministry.

  18. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    I’m with you on this.

    Satan is very crafty.

    I hate to think this place has become his stomping ground. But his hoofprints are very much in evidence.

    Dcn. G.

  19. Jean from NY says:

    Thanks Deacon Moore for sharing feelings I often have upon reading comments on this site. I enjoy the fact that Deacon Greg shares articles from a wide variety of places, but abhor the negativity that occurs in the comments by all the “experts out there”. I tend to lean more to the liberal left in politics and church so of course some would be opposite to what I believe and think, however must one always look to find wrong and evil in what others do?

  20. Hi Mark, I’m the “other Mark” on this blog.

    Your outrage at the hypocrisy of all this is understandable. Yet, I too agree with the Deacon’s point about loving your enemies. Show your love for Biden & Co. by providing them plenty of spare time — after the November election — for reflection and discernment. It is time to “liberate” Joe Biden (and his friends) from the trappings of office, so that they will be free to ruminate on their sorry records in office and their generally useless, parasitic lives as lifelong politicians.

    Indeed, it would be an act of great Christian charity to remove the heavy burdens of office — burdens which have compromised their souls — by booting them from their high offices in November. Let us direct our Lenten prayers towards this outcome: “Free Joe Biden.”

  21. Fiergenholt:
    “Let’s just politely say that The Huffington Post can be so spectacularly ignorant.”

    For the record and also to be “fair and balanced”

    The article was taken from The Dallas Morning News and written by one of their staff, Alfredo Corchado, not one of HuffPost’s journalists. In addition, the comment was in the combox not in the article.

    Not to get too far off topic, but a bit of information that some people find interesting:
    The HuffPost has assigned some of their journalists to work exclusively on the issue of poverty in the U. S. for the next year. (revisiting Michael Harrington’s “The Other America” -1962?)

  22. Deacon Moore, there is such a thing as righteous anger. I’m sure the Devil would love it if we all just stayed silent in the face of endless political opportunism which both manipulates Catholics and confuses them, but not everyone feels that way. I see the Devil’s hoofprints in abortion on demand, in Catholics in public life seeking photo ops on the heels of undermining the Church’s freedom to be who she is in the world, in the subversion of the Church’s teaching by those who should be explicating and defending it, on the internet and elsewhere, and many other areas far more significant than blog posts and comments.

  23. Well said, JKM.

  24. Kevin, thanks for your comment, which I totally agree with. Deacon Moore, best wishes to you during Lent and thanks for your vocation to the diaconate and your service to the Church.

  25. Deacon Moore,

    I think Saint Paul would beg to differ with you. When we don’t want to be confrontational with the satanic, we start misquoting Jesus on turning the other cheek, and forget Saint Paul’s muscular responses to evil in the community {Romans 2, for example} Paul wasn’t afraid to advise his communities to avoid having anything to do with evildoers, to excommunicate the incestuous mother and son, to label people as unclean and idolators.

    There are Catholics here who are fed up with the timidity of the bishops in the face of an ascendant Culture of Death, fed up with their tolerance of the Bidens, Pelosis, Sebeliuses, Kennedys who make a mockery of what we hold holy.

    And they read their scriptures. They read Paul’s paradigm for maintaining a pure and holy Church. They read of the excommunication of the mother and son in 1 Corinthians, and Paul’s admonishment in 2 Corinthians to take them back after they had repented. They read in the Sacred Scriptured of how it’s supposed to work and then look at our dysfunctional Church today. As for your critique of canon lawyers, we got the current code from Pope John Paul II. When I was a seminarian my Canon Law prof. (a priest) told us that the reason we have so many laws is because priests have screwed up.

    You bemoan people quoting scripture (accurately) and quoting Canon Law in the face of a nuclear meltdown in the Church and it bothers you so much that you are willing to leave in a public protest whose point is to cast aspersions on those who want something better than the slop that we have been served by too many bishops and priests for half a century and counting. I’ve seen petty tyrant pastors savage good parishioners and deacons for orders of magnitude less than the sins of Biden et al., and so have many who comment here. Then I watch these clowns in DC get the kid glove treatment from the bishops while the nation burns.

    Forgive me, Deacon, but I think your sympathies and ecclesiology are rather ill-informed and ill-placed. Listen to what these people here are trying to say.

  26. How do you know that Biden’s commitment? He is pro abortion. That’s a disqualifyer in my opinion.

  27. I love Joe biden as I love my other neighbors. I still think he’s as phony as they come.

  28. Outstanding comment! This needs repeating:

    “There are Catholics here who are fed up with the timidity of the bishops in the face of an ascendant Culture of Death, fed up with their tolerance of the Bidens, Pelosis, Sebeliuses, Kennedys who make a mockery of what we hold holy.”

  29. Dr. Nadal, thanks for your comments. They remind us that Jesus, in his salvific role, was and is by necessity a “sign of contradiction” to the world, as cited in both Luke and Acts. And, since the Church is the visible sign of the divine mystery of Christ, we, too, by necessity are a “sign of contradiction” to the world.

    Recently, I’ve enjoyed your blog, “Coming Home,” which is at

  30. friscoeddie says:

    Deacon Moore, I’m bailing too.. “the hate Obama”posts have dominated the blog.. too bad because how a Catholic can particpate in the public square is an important issue.

  31. When comments get harsh and negative, I don’t read them. But it doesn’t stop me from coming to the Deacon’s Bench. My main issue is to keep MYSELF from getting harsh and negative back, and I’m not always successful. But I’m enlisting the aid of the Blessed Mother and hope to see improvement.

  32. Loving your enemies is not the message currently being sent by the UCCB. They say we (Catholics) are currently at war.

    Cardinal Dolan:

    “We have made it clear in no uncertain terms to the government that we are not at peace with its invasive attempt to curtail the religious freedom we cherish as Catholics and Americans

    “We did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it.

    “There have been many threats to religious freedom over the decades and years, but these often came from without. This one sadly comes from within. As our ancestors did with previous threats, we will tirelessly defend the timeless and enduring truth of religious freedom.”

    Except on this blog when it comes to Democrats.

    When do you stand your ground?

    At what point do you dare say something critical of Obama, after all the Catholic hospitals close?

    Or do you say, “this where I stand my ground on religious freedom and I voice my displeasure”.

  33. Since this post was chosen as one that was filled with hate, I think I should have a little chance to defend it. Why is it the left always calls rightous anger shown toward the Democratic Party as hateful and intolerant? I looked around and there are some very nasty things said about the Repblican candidates without admn edit. Why is it OK to bash Limbaugh for a comment when a donor of Obama of a million bucks got a total pass for using the exact same words toward other women who happend to be pro life and conservative and in fact used words that are not able to see the light of day on the networks? If Limbaugh gave a million bucks to a Republican the left would be screaming for it to be returned. Instead there is silence.

    Sorry, but there seems to be some very heavy selective outrage going on here.
    If I don’t show up again, I guess you will know I have been banned as was my wife Greta. I wonder if banning those who agree with Church teaching, but have issues with the party of death says anything about a Catholic blog? I think this blog needs this type of voice, but that is up to the Deacon. If you are going to ban me, at least have the courage to allow this to be on the site.

    so on to the defense.

    “Biden is a joke.” Ever hear the name Dan Quayle. Biden has made at least as many dumb comments than Dan Quayle and has been given a pass by comparison. Even Obama jokes about what comes out of Bidens mouth.

    Biden was selected with his Catholic faith in mind. That is fact from many who were in the process that it weighed heavily in the decison because of Obama’s Jeramiah Wright problems. He was also a solid vote for abortion and as a Catholic who was chummy with the Bishops this was a strong plus for the team.

    I gave credit to Biden for trying to point out the HHS mandate was not a good idea and the fact he was ignored shows evidence he has zero influence. He has also been ignored on many other issues as well which I can provide if this is even questioned. That is why I labeled him Obama’s “Catholic on a stick” to be used when needed for photo ops to show the administration is not Catholic. I had just watched a Jeff Dunham concert where he has puppets and one is “jalapeno on a stick.” As I wrote, I thought that this is about what Biden is used for. Maybe it was a poor attempt at humor, but is it hateful?

    Does anyone really think it is purely a cooincendent that when the administration is in a major battle with the united USCCB is this country we suddenly see Joe down at the shrine standing for pictures with clergy? But no one is supposed to suggest such a thing in the world of politics? Does anyone still think Doug Kmiec was not used by Obama?

    Or is it hateful to point out that Obama’s name is on the Planned Parenthood abortion mills own website as their PARTNER AND THEIR ALLIES IN CONGRESS which sure is not Republicans. Catholics protest all over this country in front of these abortion mills every day becasue what is going on in them is a holocaust of unbelievable proportions. Maybe pointing out that this person standing with our Lady has 100% voting record according the Planned Parenthood is hatred. Is it hateful to compare holocaust where one killed 6 million innocent human being of the Jewish faith and the other American holocaust has killed 8 times as many? One is reviled in history and the other is not supposed to be noticed? Nazi and hitler go together, but when the leader of the Democratic party is listed by the death camps as their PARTNER and the democrats in Congress the death camp allies we are supposed to look the other way? I have posted this before and wonder why Deacon has not put this up as one of his posts. Why is it that those who defend voting for Obama and his party will not list anything that comes close to a proportionate reason to support what they know will result in the abortion mills having full support. Does commenting on the PARTNER Obama pull away the fig leaf as was done to the bishops by Obama telling them to take a hike? Now we see the Bishops in total being bashed on this blog and I have yet to see one admin edit saying that is not allowed.

    Deacon, it is lent and I can feel very comfortable that nothing I have said comes from hate, but outrage at those who support abortion mills by giving cover to the party that sustains them. Can anyone doubt that if Catholics who claim to be pro life sent a message to the party of death and now the party against religious liberty, that they have to change radically or become history for Catholics that abortion would be in serious trouble? I can think of nothing more direct or more responsbile that giving this party voted to keep abortion death camps funded and legal. I would ask you to look deep in your heart and ask God why you do not have the same outrage. All Catholics and in fact all people who follow Christ shoud be asking that as well. Stop it. I have no doubt that Christ would be pulling out his whip to stop the slaughter of those children created by God. You want to see rightous anger? Try in prayer to explain why knowing the connection between the party of death and 54 million babies, you did not do more to distance your self from this actual true and sustained hatred for life.

    Ban me if you feel these words add nothing to your site or that Christ would not think them appropirate. But don’t misjudge outrage for hate. What I feel for those lost is pity for they gain nothing but lose their soul. It would be an outrage to play a part to try to wake those up heading down the wide tolerance road to hell. I have my own faults and I try hard to live up to the hard teaching of the Catholic Church. But to support the party of death only takes us to stop pulling the lever and to stop giving them cover. I urge all to read Bonhoeffer biography that was the Christian book of the year to see where we are headed if people of faith do not stop this onslaught of hate going on in every abortion mill in this country. Obama last budget gives planned parenthood a million dollars a day and killed $1.8 million to allow frozen embryo’s to be adopted and allowed to continue their journey of life from their frozen state. I know, that this project is not approved by the Church because it involves the embryo being artifically inserted in the womb, but it has not yet been banned according the the Center for Catholic Ethics. But it does point out how strongly obama is opposed to life. Obama also has millions to funds the killing of these human beings in embryo stage of life for research. Again, something clearly called an intrisic evil by the Church. How much more evidence is needed to open ones eyes to the party of death.

    So maybe this is goodbye. Maybe it won’t be allowed to see the light of day. but there is nothing here but outrage, nothing with hate. Why are not all Catholics outraged?

    ["Mark"... unclench your fists and act like a Christian. There's a difference between outrage and hate. Don't sink to the level of the enemy. It's exactly what he wants. You're better than that. Dcn. G.]

  34. +1. And how.

  35. I’m seeing plenty of passion here, but not hate. Christ is a sign of contradiction: we can’t flee from that inconvenient truth any more than the first martyr — a deacon, as I recall.

  36. I said I believe his commitment to his faith is sincere. I didn’t say you had to believe it, or agree with the way he practices it (or doesn’t). And as you do not know my heart, I would appreciate it if you did characterize my prayers as disingenuous. Our Lady of Guadalupe is an intercessor powerful enough to change the hardest hearts. Or don’t you believe that?

  37. Thank you. Well said.

  38. Deacon, I am old, but still willing to learn. what do you see that is hate versus passionate outrage? You seem to be saying I am not acting like a Christian. Who is the enemy that I am sinking to that wants me to write this. Are you saying I have doing Satan bidding? I think it would be nice and Christian when you throw this out, to maybe put some backup where it is hateful and of course that would also assume I think you would say untruthful.

    I was reading a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was at the time desperately trying to point out what was going on in his country and getting bashed for what he was saying from other ministers.

    “It is high teime we broke with our theologically restraint towards the state’s actions – which, after all, is only fear. Speak out for those who cannot speak. Who in the church today realizes that this is the very least that the Bible requires of us in the face of evil.”

    When do we finally say that the Democratic Party has total ownership of the care and feeding of the abortion mills and that 54 million babies are dead at the hands of that party.

    I have never had anyone who defends that party offer up what a rational unbiased person would say is proportionate reason to continue to support the party of abortion in the face of these 54 million dead babies. What I call hate is putting our hands over our eyes and continuing to say we are pro life but can’t seem to pull the voting handle to say know to the party that sustains these death camps, even the Catholic politicians. What I call hate is after all the evidence that we have before us that caring for the poor with the democratic programs of big government with its godless regulations and controls has not been only bad for them, but close to evil? What I call hate is saying the Democrats are the party of peace when almost every war since our founding has had the Demcratic Party leadership and full support? What I call hate is saying that the Democrats are somehow against capital punishement when they hve never nominated or elected a democrat who promises to end captial punishment. What I call hate is where we hear the reason to support the party of abortion is because they are for the poor, against war, and against capital punishment. But even if it were true, are those proportionate reasons that would allow the murder of 54 million babies? Until people want to have a real conversation and lay facts out to prove how wonderful the democats are and why we should look the other way on abortion, I will continue to be outraged and I suspect so would Christ. I doubt he would be too impressed with the president who is the partner of the abortion mills and at their bidding. It appears that the bishops are not to impressed with his lies about his attack on religious liberty. Deacon, when was the last time you saw every dioceses bishop in the US all in agreement against the policy of an American President or when an American President has suggested dissenting priest and nuns are the real leaders of the Catholic Church in America.
    One last question. Where is everyone’s outrage at the slaughter of the babies? How can we look at Biden who has spent his entire career fighting for the abortion mills and not be outraged seeing him posing with the clergy? If he was really focused on his faith, why would he not say no pictures, this is a private moment and I don’t want it used for political purposes? There have been a great number of fund raisers and other events he has attended where the press were barred so we know he can make that happen with a simple word to the secret service.

    I am sitting in front of clergy here asking why they say I am not acting like a Christiand writing hate. I really want to know.

  39. Biden surrendered moral principles for public office. He pushed abortion every chance he got. Now he’s shedding a tear as a catholic. He is a living lie! His whole life is a lie! The man has no scruples; no character; and is one of the dumbest people I have ever hear speak.

  40. Our Lady is an intercessor, yes, but the recipient must want to have a change of heart. Fundementally we are all faced with a “yes” or “no” acceptance of God’s love. Ok, I’ll be waiting on Biden’s heart to change and be pro life. I won’t hold my breath.

  41. “Who knows if he was there for a photo op. ”

    Come on. The picture magically made the papers? Politicians control that sort of stuff with an iron fist.

  42. I think Mark’s outrage is very valid and agree with other posters that he exhibits only hate of the incessantly contemptible actions of innumerable self-identified Catholics who have become grimly reliable in their active facilitation and promotion of the cruel violence of abortion perpetrated in the name of staggering lies and sham justifications against our prenatal brothers and sisters who were created uniquely, lovingly, and purposefully by God. When I read Mark’s voluminous comments, most prompted by him being put down, even rebuked, by other posters or by Dc. himself, I see enormous sorrow and frustration that even now, even men of the cloth including a blogger-host of a (this) Catholic blog and some of his presumably devout Catholic posters still don’t seem to recognize the EMERGENCY presented by this ongoing cast of counter-Catholicism politicians who still identify as Catholic.

    The point could be argued that Biden and some of the others have become so spiritually blinded by earlier sins of voting for and pushing for abortion-boosting policies and against good judges who’d know better than to fall for garbage legal theories like “abortion is a right” – but a poster who’s just on this side of despair about the precarious plight of prenatal babies deserves better than to be slapped down and in fact treated worse than Biden and frankly, I think he (Mark) is deserved an apology.

    It would be nice, and is perhaps what happened, if Joe Biden was thinking as he looked at the famous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, of how sad his pro-life, Irish Catholic mother would be with the disdainful way that the Obama administration treated now-Cardinal Dolan, the Catholic Church, and the Catholic faithful–only compounding what had to be her disappointment in his abortion facilitation throughout his public life. Joe Biden is probably enough of a Catholic to know that his immortal soul is in grave jeopardy due to his long record of counter-Catholic actions and inactions in relation to abortion and if he doesn’t shape up soon, I imagine it penetrates his consciousness from time to time, he may never see his dearly loved mother again. (Please don’t mistake this last line for sarcasm or me judging what’s in his heart–I’m only suggesting that this is something that he, knowing his own heart, might be thinking. Despite his many, often amusing gaffes, he is a smart enough man to have such a thought. If so, may be the Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and his late mother and late baby daughter and first wife intercede in heaven above to help
    him heed it.)

  43. Fiergenholt says:

    I’ll direct this at “smiler” but “mark-greta” is also at fault.

    I am a big fan of this blog and post on an irregular basis. Several times in the past I have had to point out several abuses of it by a number of folks who post.

    Let me repeat my complaints:

    –Please keep your postings limited to 200 words with no more than 3 main points; simply and succinctly written.

    –Please limited your postings on any given stream. I’d like to see a self limitation of one posting per stream but I myself have (on the really long ones) posted maybe three.

    –Carrying out a long and drawn out one-vs-one conversation/argument is rude and abusive to those who are not part of it and who could not care less.

    This is not my blog but Dcn Greg’s and he sets his own rules. He has “banned” a few folks who violate his own rather liberal and open Terms of Service. Frankly, he ought to “ban” a lot more.

  44. I agree on the 200 words. When I see a comment five or six solid paragraphs long, I don’t bother to read it. It’s too much. That person is more or less wasting his breath.

  45. Fiergenholt, won’t bother to respond. Think it is kind of arrogant on your part to tell the blog what their guidelines should be. If you disagree with the content posted, why not point out where they are in error rather than push for their voice to be silenced.

  46. There was a time I would give a politician the benefit of the doubt when it comes to viistitions of this sort. I am finding it really dificult with thei administration to see nothing but politics as usual with this administration. Lord, I pray, give me the strength to get through this. Oh, was this the cause of the eartquake ? never mind, just kidding.

  47. Manny, will try to make shorter, but not a skill I have ever mastered, especially on issues I am passionate about. Many would like to see Catholic documents like the encyclicals or the USCCB voter guide reduced in size to kind of like God did with the 10 commandments. Promise to work on it.

  48. Where is everyone’s outrage at the slaughter of the babies?

    Hilter, Mao, Stalin are viewed as terrible humans due to mass slaughter of women, children, and men.

    Yet, here in the USA we have a party that has supported financially, politically, and legislatively the deaths of tens of millions of babies as a fundamental right.

    As Catholics, we are supposed to value innocent life and speak up.

    However, to speak up and voice displeasure against attacks on one’s faith is now labeled as ‘hate’. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Speech is hate yet murder is a right and don’t dare question it.

    We are headed to a fork in the road as Catholics very soon. It will be those who are willing to support their faith actively and those who merely provide lip service to it and acquiesce to all assaults upon it.

  49. Mark thank you for having the courage to speak out against a traitor like Biden. It strikes many of us, how hypocritical he is, parading around at some shrine, while he sits there silent as Obama tries to destroy the institutions Catholics have devoted their lives to building. We wonder how he can take part in his party’s support for the culture of death, and still remain in our Church. Nor do we forget his partisan attacks against his fellow Catholic Clarence Thomas.

    We must pray for his misguided soul, for unity and strength in our Church, and for protection against the corrupt traitors in our midst. Take heart. Jesus told us what he had in store for those who were luke warm in their religion.

  50. Bizarre! You “have had to point out several abuses” of fellow posters, you self-importantly proclaim, and then proceed to ennumerate your self-described “complaints”. As you correctly noted, this is A) not your blog and B) a blog–people will naturally have different styles of expressing their opinions and their moods will vary. Some people will be more wordy than others no matter what they’re talking about. Nobody is forced to read anyone’s post–people skim through or skip posts that don’t interest them. Some posts are long because the poster has more expertise of relevance on a particular blog article.

    You are not the arbiter of what is acceptable of fellow commenters. If you want to make a request that people post more briefly or a limited number of times, that’s one thing, but your “I’m in charge!” attitude is unpersuasive and off-putting.

  51. LOL, don’t do it for me. It’s just a reality. It’s got to take a long time for you to write that. When it comes to reading on a computer screen, there’s only so much time I can stay focused on something. The impulse is to move on quickly to the next comment.

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