First look: “The Great Gatsby”

Here’s a first look at Baz Luhrman’s insanely art-directed-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life high concept rendition of “The Great Gatsby.” I loved the book in high school, and even liked the Robert Redford/Mia Farrow movie of the 1970s, which made pink shirts with white collars unbelievably cool.  This version?  I dunno.  The trailer lurches between being an eyeful — and being awful.   This much is certain: it’s something to see.

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  1. That loked horrible. Hopefully the movie is better than the trailer, though that would be unusual. What’s this, the tenth rendition of Gatsby?

    By the way, I loved the novel. Truely one of the great American novels.

  2. Not a huge F Scott Fitzgerald but I do like period films and the 20′s is one of my more favorite periods. I may check it out.

  3. Not a huge F Scott Fitzgerald fan*** typos Ugghhh

  4. justamouse says:

    Oh man, and I had such high hopes for this one.

  5. desertmaiden says:

    Don’t forget, people… You’re not going to get Fitzgerald’s Gatsby in this film. You’ve just seen a trailer for a BAZ LUHRMANN film, i.e. his version of the story as well as his conception of what film is and does. Two words for his style: excess and parody. If you’ve never seen a BL film before (Strictly Ballroom, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia), please do – so you’re “ready” for what he’ll do with Gatsby and not leave the theatre disgruntled and disappointed!

  6. This looks awful.

  7. Fiestamom says:

    Leonardo diCaprio? How does that guy convince directors like Scorsese, Eastwood and now Luhrman he’s any good? I just don’t think he’s a good actor.

    And not to be all judgmental, Dcn Greg, but the Great Gatsby movie? Robert Redford was such a miscast…..

  8. I’m willing to give it a try. As one of my professors once said, “A bad play is better than no play”–especially with friends, and with drinks afterwards.

    Furthermore one of the themes of the book is “excess,” at least I argued in a term paper once, so maybe B.L. is just the director for the job–as long as he knows that the excess isn’t exactly praised.

  9. This is to me going to be an overall hard sell.

    See, I was one of the last ones in my year in Canada to get the gr. 13 curriculum in school. With the loss of that year also came the loss of reading this excellent novel. I was one of the last years to study this at my high school. Having read the novel and seeing an old movie was well as a television version with Mira Sorvino as Daisy, Here’s what I’ll say about this trailer:

    Pros: The wealth and extravagance are enormous! And it looks like the joyride is caught in this. I think that also with his excellent ability to act and taking on roles that are not the big action or hero types, Leo will perform as Gatsby and Tobey as Nicholas and they’ll make the most out of what the can ….

    Cons: I think that Baz added too much of a futuristic feel to this movie and too much CGI/special effects. The 1920′s may have been that glamorous, but not that much. To me it looks too sci-fi or futuristic to be believable. Baz’s artistic perspective here is best kept for movies like Moulin Rouge. Also, I think that the roles should be reversed for Leo and Tobey. Leo does introspection and deep characters needing depth best and Nicholas in the Novel was quite reflective. Also I took from the novel that Gatsby might have been posing as a rich guy well, but deep down he was humble and a regular joe who was just pining for Daisy and did what he did to impress here, and her family. Tobey is a regular joe type guy as seen in Spiderman (fit Peter Parker to a Tee) so I think Baz made a poor call having Leo as Gatsby and Tobey as Nicholas, under-utilizing both these actors’ strengths and it might cheapen the overall effect of the movie, and weaken the film`s ability to portray the novel on the big screen.

    Overall: I`ll see it out of the fact I read the novel in high school, but I think this won`t be as gratifying as other television and older movies.

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