New name for Crystal Cathedral to be announced

It will happen Saturday:

The Crystal Cathedral – a church that carries a name reflective of its glass-paned windows – will be renamed on Saturday.

The Catholic Diocese of Orange plans to announce the new name of the church it bought in bankruptcy proceedings at a Saturday ordination of four priests.

The new name for the Catholics’ future Cathedral received Vatican approval. It also had the input from thousands of Catholics.

Last February, Diocese leaders asked for suggestions for a new name. In two weeks, they received 4,129 submissions.

While declining to elaborate on the naming, a spokesman on Monday said the name will be Christological, or pertaining to the life, teachings and deeds of Jesus.

Escrow on the campus closed February in a court-ordered sale. Meanwhile, leaders of the Crystal Cathedral – known around the world for its stunning building and its Hour of Power television program – said recently that they had enough money to last through the end of June. They said they were hopeful that an increase in donations will carry them through until they can move next year to St. Callistus Church, which the Catholic Church has offered them free for one year.

Meanwhile, the ministry is paying $150,000 monthly rent to the Catholic church.

The announcement will be made Saturday morning at St. Columban Catholic Church, 10801 Stanford Ave., following the ordination of Benjamin Điệp Ngọc Hong, Thanh Tai Nguyên, Joseph Ngữ Trương, and Paul Hòa Vũ.

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