“We do nothing to earn the love of God, and there’s nothing we can do to lose it…”

From the incomparable Anchoress: 

We do nothing to earn the love of God, and there is nothing we can do to lose it — we can only reject it.

We are loved into being.

We did nothing to deserve that. Our whole being came about because the love of the Creator said “yes” to his own intention; the Creator assented to his own desire, and brought forth you and me.

God’s gifts are never withdrawn, and his first and most fundamental gift to each of us is the love upon which our lives are initiated and formed, no matter what shape they take. The love is there, forever; even in our rejection, it remains.

It is pointless to reject what we cannot stop; the fullness of our formation is rooted in our willingness to let this relentless love rain down upon us, and fill us, imbue us, saturate us until our fallen-ness is fallen away, and we finally know the fulfillment of God’s deepest longings for us — ransomed; reclaimed; restored; healed.

The Creator has deemed us worth creating, and that brings us the only measure of worthiness we need worry about. The approach to God, and the acceptance of his love, has nothing at all to do with worthiness. It’s all about willingness.

This is a great mystery, but it’s true, and it is wholly trustworthy.

Everything begins with willingness. God said “yes” to his own willingness, and all was created, down to you, down to me. Our willingness in return, our open-hearted, trusting “yes” is all that is required for our lives to become co-creative with God, in whatever way he directs.

Everyday, “yes.” Everyday, a constant conversio, a constant turn toward the very first of the commandments, which is all about “yes.”

You gotta read it all.