Diner drops prayer discount after atheists threaten to sue


You probably remember this story from several days back.

Well, here’s an update: 

Mary’s Gourmet Diner has announced it will no longer offer occasional discounts to people who pray before eating, citing the threat of legal action.

The restaurant’s prayer discount had gone viral in recent days, making national news shows and sparking heated arguments on the Internet.

On Wednesday, the restaurant posted a handwritten notice in its front window stating that it must “protect your freedom from religion in a public place.”

“It is illegal and we are being threatened by lawsuit,” the note goes on to say, offering apology for “any offense this discount has incurred.”

The discount made national news after some customers – Dan Bremnes, a Christian recording artist, and Jordan Smith, a promoter at Capital Music Group – posted their receipt on their Facebook pages after they passed through Winston-Salem and got a 15 percent discount at Mary’s for “Praying in Public.”

The lawyer for a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation then sent Haglund a letter branding the discount illegal under federal civil rights laws.

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