Solidarity: Catholic church paints Arabic “N” on its door


From The Richmond Register in Kentucky: 

Throughout its history the Roman Catholic Church has been associated with Latin language and lettering, so passersby on West Main Street were surprised Thursday to see a strange symbol emblazoned on the church’s door.

Some were even more surprised to learn it was an Arabic character.

It is the Arabic character for N, which stands for Nazarene, explained the Rev. James Sichko, St. Mark pastor.

The large character was posted to show the church’s solidarity with the Christians of Iraq, especially in the city of Mosul, who have come under attach by the extremist group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, he said.

“Members of ISIS have been marking Christian homes in Mosul with the Arabic character N, which stands for “Nazarene,” meaning Christian, Sichko said. “It is reminiscent of the Star of David that marked Jews in Nazi Germany.”

Because of that, “St. Mark in Richmond, Kentucky, today has marked our Church doors with the the Arabic letter N in solidarity with our brothers and sisters” in Iraq and around the world, he said.

“We are all Iraqi Christians,” Sichko said. “As Catholic Christians, the members of St. Mark stand together in defiance of genocide, of persecution, of hate and the slaughter of Christians anywhere.”

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