“Children are never a mistake”

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we continue our reflection on children, the greatest blessing which God has bestowed on man and woman. I wish to focus our attention on the suffering which many children are experiencing. From the first moments of their lives, some are rejected, abandoned, and robbed of their infancy and future. There [Read More...]

Easter Vigil in Seattle, 2010

Someone posted this on Facebook. It’s something to see. Here’s how they did the Easter Vigil at St. Patrick’s in Seattle five years ago. For further viewing: Pentecost 2014 The Story of Lazarus, Lent 2014 Footnote: someone who saw this commented on the curious arrangement of the altar and the ambo: both essentially equal, neither one [Read More...]

Hang on: The Deacon’s Bench is hitting the road

No sooner have I survived Easter—say, is that candle wax in my hair?—and here I am, packing my bags and making a little trip. Actually, it’s more of a trek. I’m headed to the Middle East. Jordan, to be exact. When my boss asked me to go, I thought for a moment. “Will I get to [Read More...]

Was your sprinkling like this on Sunday?

If not, why not? Ladies and gentlemen: this is how it’s done. Spare no one. Leave no drop behind. Attack the faithful with holiness! Douse the world with grace until it is shivering and saturated and sneezing. Then you are truly blessed. [Read more...]

How Make-A-Wish and a bishop gave boy a chance to be “Priest for a Day”

This will be hard to top for uplift and sheer wonderfulness. From the St. Louis Review:  Make-A-Wish requests often involve meeting athletes, attending sporting events or traveling to amusement parks or beaches. When it came time for 11-year-old Brett Haubrich of south St. Louis County to make his wish, he not only listed none of [Read More...]

Bible that replaced God with Kanye West pulled from website

Was it a hoax? Or just a tasteless publicity stunt? The Christian Post reports: A novelty Bible honoring rap artist, Kanye West, has been removed from a popular website in the wake of growing complaints. It is unclear whether or not the book is a hoax. The Book of Yeezus, which is a nod to West’s [Read More...]

Has the world “looked the other way” while Christians are killed?

View image | gettyimages.com From The Washington Post:  The atmosphere in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square turned from celebratory to somber as Pope Francis devoted his address Monday to the bleak subject that has occupied most of his recent remarks. “Our brothers and our sisters … are persecuted, exiled, slain, beheaded, solely for being Christian,” [Read More...]

Oh boy, do I know the feeling…

This is for all the priests, deacons, altar servers, choir members, musicians, organists, music directors, lectors, EMHCs, ushers, florists and assorted volunteers who went above and beyond. (And special props, by the way, to the spouses, who put up with it all…) Wake me on Tuesday. [Read more...]

Three observations from Easter 2015

Well, as I sit here at home in my pajamas at 10 a.m. on Monday morning, still in an incense-induced stupor after four days of chanting, kneeling, prostrating, processing, hoisting, carrying, lighting, extinguishing, rehearsing, proclaiming, preaching, communion-giving and “Happy Easter-ing” to people at the church doors, I’m struck by three small but perhaps significant developments. Make [Read More...]

A lapsed Catholic encounters a shepherd: “Bishop Vann practices what he preaches”

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A self-professed “lapsed Catholic” visits the campus of the new cathedral on Orange County to chat with Bishop Kevin Vann, and comes away impressed and, just maybe, changed: I ask about tolerance, and about illegal immigration in particular. The bishop immediately dismisses the term “tolerance,” which he says [Read More...]