Fights! Misunderstandings! Gossip! Welcome to Vatican II

A lot of people have sought to make comparisons between the current synod and Vatican II. (We’ll put aside, for a moment, the simple fact that a synod and a council are two very different creatures.) But a student of the Second Vatican Council, Deacon Bill Ditewig, has an interesting glimpse into some of the melodrama that [Read More...]

“I am shocked”: Cardinal Kasper denies statements about African bishops—UPDATED

This story caused a storm yesterday, and now German media report the cardinal’s response (translation by a deacon friend): Cardinal emeritus Walter Kasper in a conversation with has strongly denied the alleged statements made about African Bishops. “I am shocked. I have never spoken like this about Africans, and I would never do so. Zenit has, [Read More...]

From the synod: revisions, corrections and additions

From the Catholic World Report:  Two minutes into the press briefing at the Vatican press office today, Fr. Lombardi announced that Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said he did not state that the Relatio was “shameful” as has been reported widely. He said the newspaper report was in error, because he [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan: “The bishops of Africa are prophetic”

For those who missed it…New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke with CNS about the church in Africa this week. Whether intended this way or not, it makes for an interesting counterpoint to yesterday’s published remarks of Cardinal Kasper.   Let’s go to the videotape:  [Read more...]

From the synod: was something lost in translation?

Here’s an interesting take on the relatio, from Catholic News Agency:  An incorrect translation into English of the original midterm report of the Synod on the Family may have spurred controversial interpretations of the document itself.The document’s original version was written in Italian, which Pope Francis directed to be used as the official language of [Read More...]

Cardinal Kasper: “African Catholics shouldn’t tell us what we have to do” at the synod

Am I the only one who thinks it might be a good idea for Cardial Kasper to take a vow of silence for a few weeks? From First Things:  In a stunning new interview, German Cardinal Walter Kasper has said that African Catholics “should not tell us too much what we have to do” and admitted [Read More...]

Houston, we have a problem: city subpoenas pastors’ sermons

Is this what we have come to? From The Houston Chronicle:  Houston’s embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in an unusual step, subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists that have sued the city. [Read More...]

Synod reaction from a bishop: “The sky has not fallen”

Bishop Robert Vasa, from the Diocese of Santa Rosa, has looked over the relatio, and offers this context:  It is important to recognize this report does not constitute a final report. It is simply a report on what has been proposed by one or more of the participants in the Synod. As such it does [Read More...]

AP: Religious groups to seek exemptions that would allow them to refuse service to gays

Details:  Alarmed by the broad expansion of same-sex marriage set in motion by the U.S. Supreme Court, religious conservatives are moving their fight to state legislatures — seeking exemptions that would allow some groups, companies and people with religious objections to refuse benefits or service for gay spouses. But winning sweeping carve-outs for faith-affiliated adoption [Read More...]

The “gradual” homecoming of Sister Theresa, an atheist who became a nun

We’ve been hearing a lot the last couple days about the theological concept of “gradualism.”  Critics have been dismissive, even scornful.  But the newest blogger at Patheos happens to be a product of “gradualism”: Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble (is that a great name, or what?).  Her story is gripping, and not quite what anyone would expect. [Read More...]