Priests and deacons, if you think “preaching seems pointless”…think again.

  View image | My blog neighbor Fr. Dwight Longenecker bemoans the state of Catholic preaching—and the seeming lack of response to said preaching:  I sometimes feel like the dog who barks at the train. He doesn’t bark at the train because he thinks the train will stop. He barks because he’s a dog. [Read More...]

Castro: “If the Pope continues to speak like this, sooner or later I will return to the Catholic Church”

From CNN:  Cuba has eased its persecution of religion in the last 23 years, but there have been few overtures suggesting the country’s executive office might be finding its faith. That changed Sunday when President Raul Castro said the teachings of Pope Francis had persuaded him not only to take a softer line on religion, [Read More...]

Pope to Pope: “We are united by the ecumenism of blood”

Pope Francis sent a Message to Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria on Sunday, to mark two years since the Coptic Patriarch’s visit to the Holy See. A snip:  As the second anniversary of our fraternal meeting in Rome is at hand, I wish to express to Your Holiness my prayerful best wishes for your well-being, [Read More...]

“Bienvenido!” Pope welcomes Raul Castro to the Vatican

Details from AP: Cuban President Raul Castro received a warm welcome at the Vatican Sunday from Pope Francis, who played a key role in the breakthrough between Washington and Havana aimed at restoring U.S.-Cuban diplomatic ties. “Bienvenido!” Francis said in his native Spanish, welcoming Castro in a studio near the Vatican public audience hall. The [Read More...]

“Can you drink this cup?”: a stirring vocation story, told through the history of a chalice

A beautiful story. Read more about the chalice here. But watch the video below. [Read more...]

It’s that time again: First Communion

Some shots from the big event at my parish this morning. The atmosphere seemed less chaotic than usual—and the parents were well-behaved. (I credit our administrator—who read them the riot act, nicely, before the Mass began.) Tomorrow, they get a chance to wear their communion outfits one more time, for their first Sunday Mass. I hope [Read More...]

Beautiful: how a mother returned to the Church when her son became a priest

This belongs in the Writing Straight With Crooked Lines file…the story of a mother, Kristin Gilger, who left the Catholic Church, and how God drew her back through her son. A Jesuit reader sent this to me this morning, and it’s just great:  When my son, Patrick, first told us he was considering becoming a [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: worst TV news ad ever? Maybe.

Get a load of how WNEM TV (in Saginaw) is promoting its anchor team for sweeps: Some commentary on this here. As media observer Jim Romenesko notes: “Y’all know Julia Roberts was a prostitute in that movie, right?”  RIGHT? Shameless?  Yeah. Further proof, if any where needed, that the news business isn’t what it used to [Read More...]

Pope: church is about unity, not forming lobbies

I can’t imagine what he’s talking about, can you? Details:  Pope Francis says discussions within the Church are to seek unity and and it should not be a place where people are always clashing, betraying each other and forming lobbies to win their argument. He said the Holy Spirit helps bring change and moves things [Read More...]

Husband, father, deacon—and soon, a priest

From  Thirteen years ago Jim Cardosi’s wife, Cindy, discovered she had little time left to live. In 2002 she experienced symptoms resulting from a neurological illness that by 2005 would be identified as frontotemporal dementia or Pick’s Disease, which Cindy developed in her mid-40s. She required full-time care, so Jim retired from the military. [Read More...]