Pope: Catholics, Lutherans in shared Christian witness

From Vatican Radio:  Pope Francis told an ecumenical delegation from Finland Thursday that Catholics and Lutherans can do much together “to bear witness to God’s mercy.”  The delegation’s visit to Rome coincides with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the Feast of St. Henry, the patron saint of Finland. St. Henry via Wikipedia [Read More...]

In new interview, Archbishop Gänswein discusses Pope Francis, the Curia and the media

From blogger Mark de Vries (h/t to Diane Korzeniewski) An interesting interview in Christ & Welt, a weekly supplement to Die Zeit in Germany, with Archbishop Georg Gänswein yesterday. It sheds some interesting lights on recent developments in the Vatican, such as Pope Francis’ Christmas talk to the Curia, the Pope’s relationship with the media, the [Read More...]

Court rules Catholic Church cannot use “Allah” in newspaper

View image | gettyimages.com From Bloomberg:  Malaysia’s top court dismissed a final bid by the Catholic church to use the word “Allah” in its newspaper, highlighting a debate on non-Muslims using the word in a climate of rising religious tensions. The Federal Court will not review the case because there was no procedural unfairness when [Read More...]

NY Times: “Prominent Native Americans see Father Serra as far from saintly”

Who didn’t see this controversy coming? Details: For generations, fourth graders in California’s schools, often with a parent’s touch, built models of church missions out of poster board or sugar cubes to celebrate the Rev. Junipero Serra and the religious communities he established along the West Coast in the late 1700s. Last week, Pope Francis [Read More...]

Judge orders father to take his children to church

View image | gettyimages.com From the U.K.’s The Telegraph:  A judge has ordered a father to take his children to Roman Catholic mass as part of a divorce settlement, even though he is not Catholic. The man, who can only be identified as “Steve” because of reporting restrictions on the case, faces possible contempt of court [Read More...]

Fr. Roger Landry of Fall River headed to U.N.

From The Fall River Herald:  The Rev. Roger Landry, a Fall River Catholic priest and pastor of St. Bernadette Church in the Flint, will soon be leaving parish life for a high-profile assignment at the United Nations. On March 3, Landry, 44, will begin working for the Holy See’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations. [Read More...]

Pope Francis to Iraq?

Photo: Iraqi refugees by Don Duncan / CNEWA The Apostolic Nuncio raised that possibility yesterday. From Aid to the Church in Need:  The Apostolic Nuncio in Iraq, Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, expressed the hope that the Christians driven out of northern Iraq by the terrorist militia “Islamic State” would be able to return to their homes this [Read More...]

Lamb chimes in during papal blessing

St. Agnes via Wikipedia From the good people at Rome Reports, a short video showing the traditional blessing for the Feast of St. Agnes—and one attendee who had something to get off its chest. Pity he wasn’t blessing rabbits. [Read more...]

Pope on trip to Philippines: “It gave us hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift of God”

From Wednesday’s General Audience, via Zenit: The meetings with families and young people at Manila, were salient moments of the visit to the Philippines. Healthy families are essential to the life of society. It gave us consolation and hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift of God. They know [Read More...]

Russian artists assault Lenin’s tomb with holy water

From The BBC:  Two Russian artists have been arrested after throwing holy water and shouting “rise up and leave” at the mausoleum containing Vladimir Lenin’s tomb. A video of Monday’s incident shows the men breaching a barrier to access the building in Moscow’s Red Square before dowsing one of its walls with water. Seconds later, police [Read More...]