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Weird Establishment Clause Case Dismissed

A federal court in New York has dismissed one of the stranger lawsuits I've ever seen. Roy Den Hollander represented himself in the case, which argued that the women's studies program at Columbia University was a violation of the Establishment Clause because feminism is a religion. … [Read more...]

Michigan Newspaper Editor Blasts Liberty Counsel

I find this rather amusing. Rich Perlberg, editor of the Livingston Daily, a newspaper here in Michigan, responded to one of Liberty Counsel's press releases about the mythical War on Christmas and pretty much went off on them over it. Here's the full text: … [Read more...]

Face Found in Testicular Tumor

Here's a mildly disturbing story about doctors doing an ultrasound on a man's testicles and finding a tumor with what looks very much like a human face on it. … [Read more...]

Another Appalling Police T-Shirt

The Twin Rivers Police Association in California actually thought it was a good idea to sell t-shirts to their members that said "U raise em, we cage em" and had a picture of a child behind bars. It didn't go over well with the community, for obvious reasons: … [Read more...]

Goldline Executives Indicted

Goldline, the company that Glenn Beck has endorsed, promoted and been sponsored by, has been hit with serious criminal charges for fraud, false advertising and conspiracy in California. ABC News reports: … [Read more...]

Cert Denied in Utah Cross Case

The Supreme Court denied cert in Utah Highway Patrol Association v. American Atheists, Inc, a case that challenged the Utah Highway Patrol Association's practice of putting up crosses on public land as memorials to officers killed in the line of duty. … [Read more...]

Follow Up on American Cancer Society Story

Greta Christina has a follow up to her article about the controversy over the American Cancer Society doing everything they can not to receive $500,000 from atheists. She documents the many inconsistencies in the various stories offered by the ACS for their actions. The entire story is really rather sad. … [Read more...]

The Perfect Republican Campaign Ad

Rick Perry has made the perfect Republican campaign ad, chock full of misology, faux populism and the obvious irony that he's made a slick, focus group-tested campaign ad to declare himself to be the kind of guy who just kicks ass and takes names rather than making slick campaign ads. … [Read more...]

Greenwald’s New Book

Glenn Greenwald has a new book called With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful that I will be ordering on my Kindle account as soon as it comes out (sometime this week, apparently). His thesis is so obvious as to be virtually undeniable: … [Read more...]

Balko Gets Hate Mail

Balko got some very amusing hate mail after a recent piece he wrote for the Huffington Post about how technology, especially cell phone cameras and social media, is allowing the Occupy protesters around the country to document police abuse. And that unleashed some serious crazy from right wingers, like this: … [Read more...]

ACT for America’s Fundraising Video

The group ACT! for America, one of the many Islamophobic wingnut groups fleecing the bigoted and credulous these days, has put out a new fundraising video featuring the founder, Brigitte Gabriel. I'll put that video below the fold. … [Read more...]

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The Seattle Police Department is making sure they put taxpayer funding to good use. They activated an entire SWAT team, armed with automatic weapons, to bust down a door and go after a medical marijuana patient. Because they just had to get at those two pot plants. … [Read more...]