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Irony and the Rule of Law, Part 2

From Joe Biden, while campaigning as Barack Obama's vice presidential nominee in September, 2008, when he declared that an Obama administration would investigate and prosecute violations of the law by Bush administration officials because it was so gosh darn important to preserve the rule of law: … [Read more...]

Congresswoman: Govt Should Only Support Christianity

Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, one of the wingnuttiest of all the Republicans in Congress, was on Tony Perkins' radio show last week and openly declared her preference for Christian hegemony on government endorsement. Discussing the fact that the Air Force Academy had worship spaces for multiple religions, including Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and pagan, the two of them said: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Has a Point

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bryan Fischer actually said something reasonable. Honest, he did. You can read it yourself. In writing about Newt's long history of infidelity he says: … [Read more...]

Republican Absurdity on Egypt

One of the most irritating arguments we've heard from the Republican presidential candidates is that President Obama somehow "lost" Egypt, that he should have done something to prevent the fall of the Mubarak government. Doug Mataconis points out the obvious: … [Read more...]

Newt and Mitt: Rubber and Glue

Politico says the Romney campaign is gearing up to take on Newt Gingrich now that he is taking his turn as the not-Mitt of the moment. And this strategy is so rich in irony that you could drizzle it over waffles. Get this: … [Read more...]

An Agnostic Misreads Genesis

Mark O'Connell, a self-described agnostic, expresses his admiration for the book of Genesis, but I think he misses the point. He seems to admire the story as an analogy of lost innocence, but I think the analogy is not only flawed but entirely the opposite of the lesson one should take from it. … [Read more...]

Why Atheists Are Distrusted

A new study explores in more detail the question of why atheists are at or near the top of the most despised groups in America and concludes that it is because most Americans consider atheists to be untrustworthy. HuffPo reports: … [Read more...]

Bachmann Babbles on Marriage Equality

Remember when Michele Bachmann was challenged to a debate by a high school student and didn't accept it? There's probably a good reason for that and it's demonstrated by her inability to make a coherent argument during an exchange with a couple high school students in Iowa recently. During a campaign appearance at a pizza place, two students questioned Bachmann about same-sex marriage and she babbled incoherently: … [Read more...]

Trump to Moderate Republican Debate

This isn't a done deal yet, but if it does happen it may be one of the most uncomfortable and unintentionally amusing events ever to take place during a presidential campaign. Donald Trump wants to moderate a GOP presidential candidate debate. … [Read more...]

Irony and the Rule of Law, Part 1

From a speech by Eric Holder to the American Constitution Society shortly before he was named Attorney General by then-President-elect Barack Obama, waxing eloquent about the vital importance of the rule of law -- a position he quickly abandoned once in office. … [Read more...]

Newt’s Worst Positions

Reason's Hit and Run blog has a long list of the most appalling things Newt Gingrich has said over the years on some of the most important issues facing the country. Here's one of the very worst: … [Read more...]

Border Patrol officer punished for questioning war on drugs

One of my favorite groups is LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization made up of former police officers, prosecutors and judges who understand the damage done by the war on drugs on people and on the entire nation. Needless to say, the government doesn't like them very much. In fact, they fire people just for mentioning that they think the group has a point. … [Read more...]