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Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Fischer v North

Far right nut Bryan Fischer isn't actually talking to even further-right nut Gary North, a genuine Christian Reconstructionist, but there's a clear disagreement between them over the Constitution. Fischer, on a recent radio show, claimed that the U.S. Constitution was really a covenant with God. … [Read more...]

Mother Jones on Fake Former Terrorists

Mother Jones has an article about the burgeoning industry of fake "former terrorists" selling their alleged expertise to the FBI, local police departments and wingnut groups and turning their mostly invented stories into cold, hard cash. One of them is Kamal Saleem, who is from Michigan and and has been involved with a lot of right wing politics in the state. But his story just doesn't hold water. … [Read more...]

Geraldo Offers World Class Notpology

It baffles me that people actually watch, and Fox News still airs, a show by Geraldo Rivera. And I'm sure you know by now that he said a startlingly idiotic thing when he said that Trayvon Martin died because he was wearing a hoodie. Well now he's offered one of the most blatant notpologies ever: … [Read more...]

Obama Supports Mt. Soledad Cross

In a move that doesn't surprise me at all, the anti-Christian secret Muslim commie pinko President Obama has filed a brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision against a giant cross on public land in Southern California. … [Read more...]

Christian Sharia Needed to Stop Muslim Sharia

On his radio show recently, David Barton argued that we must have a Christian nation because having a secular nation leads to having a Muslim nation. Or something. Right Wing Watch has the transcript: … [Read more...]

Robertson: Gay People Possessed by Demons

The 700 Club had a story about a gay man who married a woman and then had affairs with men, but later "repented" and saved his marriage. And Pat Robertson said that the man was "obsessed" and that it's because he was possessed by demons. … [Read more...]

Throckmorton Catches New Barton Lie

Warren Throckmorton, who's been doing excellent work debunking David Barton over the last few months, catches him in a whole new lie -- ironically, just as Barton publishes a book called The Jefferson Lies, which our own Chris Rodda is working on now as well. He gives this transcript of a conversation between Barton and Kirk Cameron: … [Read more...]

Texas: Virtually No Voter Fraud

While Rick Perry and Texas Republicans defend voter suppression laws with the excuse that they are necessary to prevent voter fraud, the San Antonio Express-News reports that voter impersonation is virtually unheard of in that state, as it is in every other state. … [Read more...]

Nate Phelps at the Reason Rally

Like Daniel Fincke, I found Nate Phelps' talk at the Reason Rally to be one of the most moving and inspiring moments of the event. I think he delivered the single best line: "They called me a rebel. For years, I wore that name with shame until I realized that, confronted with the god of my father, rebellion is the only moral option." Hear, hear. … [Read more...]

Rove Group Puts Out Dishonest Campaign Commercial

I'm sure it will come as a shock to no one that Crossroads GPS, the group founded by Karl Rove, has released a highly dishonest commercial blaming President Obama for soaring oil prices. It would have been more surprising if the ad had been honest and reasonable. … [Read more...]

Riehl: Lighter Skin Less Menacing

Charles Johnson catches right-wing blogger Dan Riehl pushing a false and racist conspiracy theory that the evil media is trying to make Trayvon Martin seem "less menacing" by photoshopping his picture to lighten the skin. Here's the screengrab: … [Read more...]

A Rabbi’s Absurd Take on the Reason Rally

A rabbi named Brad Hirshfield has a commentary at Fox News declaring the Reason Rally to be entirely unreasonable. But his arguments are shallow, nonsensical and intellectually dishonest. For example, he uses the "faith in reason" dodge: … [Read more...]