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Glenn Beck Revises His Own History

Glenn Beck loves historical revisionism, but now he is revising his own history. He told James Robison that the real reason he left Fox News was because God told him that if he didn't leave, he would lose his soul. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Quote of the Week

Steve Deace said this at the Worldnutdaily and it's one of the funniest things I've read all week:At best the Republican Party establishment views evangelicals as what kids today would refer to as a hook-up or a booty call. At worst they outright hate us, because Christians are the reason GOP cronyists don’t get away with pillaging and plundering the public trough for their buddies with the same reckless abandon as the Democrats.Translation: The Republican party is whack, yo. But I think … [Read more...]

EM Repeal Petition Tossed in Michigan

I'm sure by now you all know about the appalling emergency manager law here in Michigan, which allows the state to appoint someone to essentially become dictators over cities and school districts. Michigan voters oppose it by a large margin, according to polls, and more than 200,000 people signed petitions to put a referendum on the ballot to repeal it. But opponents of repeal got the state board of canvassers to throw out those petitions -- because the font was slightly too small. Seriously. … [Read more...]

You Can’t Live on Rainbows Either

I'm kind of torn on this one. On the one hand, there's a sense in which it's just natural selection at work. But it's also a great example of why irrationality and false beliefs about the nature of reality actually do matter. … [Read more...]

Florida Drug Testing Plan Unconstitutional

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's obsession with drug testing everyone under the sun has run into another judicial snag. A federal judge struck down a law requiring drug testing for all state employees, concluding -- quite rightly -- that such testing can only be done based on individualized suspicion: … [Read more...]

How Newt Screwed Himself Over

I thought from the start that Newt Gingrich never really thought he had any chance of winning the nomination, that his campaign was launched only as a way of getting attention for his book and his network of non-profits and consulting interests. But that seems to have backfired on him in a big way: … [Read more...]

Birtherism 2.0: Obama’s ‘Real’ Father

Jerome Corsi and the Worldnutdaily are taking birtherism to a new level, not only arguing that Obama wasn't born in the United States (or falsely claiming that he gave up his citizenship when he lived in Indonesia for a few years as a child, another version of this idiocy), but that Barack Obama Sr. isn't even his real father. And who is his real father? A communist! … [Read more...]

OMG! Michelle Obama Sweated in the White House!

You really have to hand it to the dolts and halfwits at When they're looking for something to act outraged at the Obamas over, they leave no stone unturned in the effort to make themselves look ridiculous. And William Bigelow has found a very serious problem to get upset over: … [Read more...]

WND Pimps Nonsense on Oil Again

Birtherism isn't the only conspiracy that Jerome Corsi, the Worldnutdaily's favorite loony, believes in. He also believes that oil is abiotic and has a new book out about it, with WND promoting it by asking the idiotic question "HOW DID DINOSAURS GET MILES UNDER THE EARTH?" … [Read more...]

Cameron and the Christian Reconstructionists

Julie Ingersoll notes that Kirk Cameron is working more and more with Christian Reconstructionists to promote his movie Monumental and his vision of an officially Christian America. That movie was co-produced by Reconstructionist Marshall Foster, but that's only the beginning: … [Read more...]

The Conservative Argument Against the Death Penalty

California is going to have a referendum on the ballot this fall to abolish the death penalty in that state and Conor Friedersdorf makes the conservative argument against the death penalty, based on both economics and the inherent contradiction within conservative rhetoric about the government: … [Read more...]

Jan Brewer for Vice President!

Ed Morrissey has a very amusing column suggesting that Mitt Romney name Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona as his vice presidential nominee. With a straight face, apparently. He makes his case: … [Read more...]