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Will GOP Run Write-In Candidate Against Akin?

Well this is a very interesting development. Mary Matalin appeared on ABC's This Week and said that the Republican party may actually run a write-in candidate against Akin in the Missouri Senate race against Claire McCaskill. Doing so would effectively mean conceding the election to McCaskill, of course, though Matalin appears to be delusional enough to think otherwise. … [Read more...]

Rove: Obama Should Thank Romney

Karl Rove delivered his usual insightful analysis on Fox and Friends, saying that President Obama should thank Mitt Romney for not being crazy enough to think that he was born in Kenya or somewhere else rather than in Hawaii. Speaking of Romney's "joke" about his birth certificate, Rove said: … [Read more...]

Even Beck’s Favorite Historians Reject Barton

Yet another twist in the ongoing David Barton saga. WORLDmag has an article that cites several historians that have been praised by Barton and by Glenn Beck, who have appeared on their shows, criticizing Barton's revisionist history in regard to Thomas Jefferson. … [Read more...]

Matt Barber: Concern Troll Extraordinaire

Matt Barber clearly cares about the Democratic party. He only wants what is best for them, obviously, which is why he's offering them some free advice. They made a terribly mistake by endorsing marriage equality, you see, because that is an "attack" on those who disagree. … [Read more...]

Cop Performs Clearly Illegal Search

Here's a story that may seem incredible but it's actually quite routine. A deputy from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Department named Dominic Fornal pulls over a car, claiming that he smelled unburned marijuana -- quite a feat given that they were going 35 mph and the windows were up. A drug dog, amazingly, didn't alert to the smell of anything, but that didn't stop them from performing a clearly illegal search. … [Read more...]

RNC Swag Bag Includes Trouble for Romney

Okay, I find this highly amusing. The swag bag being handed out to every media person at the Republican National Convention includes a hardcover version of Romney's book that contains a passage that brings one of his most absurd contradictions to light: … [Read more...]

Why the Right Can’t Claim MLK Legacy

Of all the ridiculous things Glenn Beck spews on a daily basis, his constant attempts to portray himself as the true heir to the legacy of Martin Luther King has to rank near the top. John Avlon explains why those attempts by Beck and other conservatives is utterly inane: … [Read more...]

Your Worldnutdaily Headline of the Day

From our friends at the Worldnutdaily, an objective and rational look at current events: … [Read more...]

Trump to Speak at Liberty University

In the battle between God and mammon, Liberty University is -- predictably -- choosing mammon. They've invited Donald Trump to speak to students and Jerry Falwell, Jr is amusingly hailing him as “one of the nation‘s foremost proponent's (sic) of fiscal conservatism.” And there's more: … [Read more...]

New Shirt: I Need Jesus Like I Need a Hole In My Hand

I've got a new shirt for sale in my CafePress store and I think you're gonna like this one. You can get them here. And you can still get the Evil Big Thing shirts too. … [Read more...]

The GOP’s Crackpot Caucus

The mind-blowing idiocy of Todd Akin's statements on rape and pregnancy -- no, he didn't "misspeak," he repeated a routine wingnut talking point -- was compounded by the fact that he has a seat on a House science committee. But he's hardly alone. Timothy Egan looks at a number of other ignorant crackpots who sit on powerful committees. … [Read more...]

CBN: Isaac Prayed Away from RNC

This is the kind of vile idiocy that just enrages me. CBN did a report on the Republican National Convention and quotes Christians from Florida saying that God responded to their prayers and moved Hurricane Isaac so it wouldn't hit them. Really? So the people in Alabama and Louisiana weren't praying? Or not enough of them were praying? Or God just likes you better than them? Or they deserve the destruction more than you do? … [Read more...]