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FRC Spews BS on BSA

The Family Research Council is predictably outraged by the Boy Scouts of America's new proposed resolution that would lift the ban on gay scouts but keep the ban on gay adult scout leaders. And if you want to look at a dishonest bit of spin, take a look at this: … [Read more...]

Same-Sex Weddings…At a Mosque?

When Washington voters approved a referendum last November legalizing same-sex marriage, I bet most people didn't expect to see them performed at a Muslim mosque. But that is exactly what is happening now, mostly in secrecy because they fear reprisals from the more reactionary members of Islam: … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Mad Obama Won’t Attend Prayer Breakfast

The National Day of Prayer, an event chaired by James Dobson's wife, Shirley, happens every year. And every year, President Obama has issued an official proclamation for the event. But the Dobsons are none too happy that he isn't showing up in person: … [Read more...]

Swanson, Buehner: Gays Are Criminals, Must Be Punished

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner continue to stake out the far right fringe of wingnuttia. On their radio show, Generations Radio, they recently endorsed the idea of stoning gay people and said that, at the very least, they should be punished by the government. Oh, and God is going to punish America too (stop me if you've heard this before): … [Read more...]

Keyes: Obama to Use Military to Attack Christians

With the right wing freaking out over a briefing given to a single Army Reserve unit in Pennsylvania that quite correctly identified some extreme Christian right groups as potential terrorist threats, Alan Keyes is now claiming that Obama is preparing the military to attack "Christian denominations." … [Read more...]

GOP Freshmen Demand Pointless Vote

One of the dirty little secrets that most people don't understand about politics is that a lot of votes taken in Congress have nothing to do with actually changing policy. Instead, those votes take place solely so that they can be used during the next campaign. Here's a perfect example: … [Read more...]

U of Arizona Student: ‘You Deserve Rape’

On Tuesday, the University of Arizona's Tuscon campus was the site of a Take Back the Night rally, events that highlight the need to fight the incidence of rape. But one student there who is well known for preaching hatred and bigotry on the campus decided to tell women that they deserve to be raped. … [Read more...]

Rush Defines ‘White’

Erik Rush, the right wing nutjob who thinks all Muslims should be killed and that America suffers from an excess of "negrophilia," says that the Tsarnaev brothers, who are literally caucasian (that is, from the Caucasus), aren't really white. … [Read more...]

Another Local Politicians Uses Racial Slur

Another local politician, this time in Michigan and this time a Democrat, has been caught on tape using a racial slur. Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko called a black member of the township's board of trustees a "nigger" and it was recorded and released to the press. … [Read more...]

Paul and Rockwell, Together Again

Remember when the controversy over all the racist and crazy stuff in Ron Paul's old newsletters hit a few years ago? Paul said he didn't write any of that stuff, that it was really Lew Rockwell and that he disavowed those things. Guess what? They're back together again. Now out of public office, it seems Paul is just fine with Rockwell's insane views after all. … [Read more...]

Crouse: Equality is the Real War on Women

Concerned Women for America senior fellow Janice Shaw Crouse gave a talk at a recent symposium in Washington, DC claiming that feminism is the real war on women. It's the standard right wing screed about how women were so much happier and better off without options. … [Read more...]

Keyes Site Pushes Sandy Hook Trutherism

Alan Keyes' Renew America site is not just a birther site, it's also now pushing the bizarre conspiracy theory that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut were a false flag operation by Obama to push through gun control. This column by lunatic Laurie Roth lays out the case: … [Read more...]