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Jackson’s Latest Explanation

Bishop E.W. Jackson, preacher turned candidate for the lt. governor's officer in Virginia, is still trying to find a way to make his long record of batshit crazy statements go away so they don't hurt his and Ken Cuccinelli's campaign to win the state house. After saying initially that he had nothing to apologize for, he now says: … [Read more...]

Will State Marriage Equality Laws Affect SCOTUS?

AP has a story speculating on whether the rapid advance of pro-marriage equality cases in several states over the last few months will influence the result of either the Prop 8 case or the DOMA case that the Supreme Court are considering right now, with a ruling expected in about a month. … [Read more...]

Massie Calls For Boycott of the Military

For the second time that I know of in my lifetime, a prominent conservative is calling for his fellow right wingers to not join the military and to refuse to re-enlist if they're already in. Why? Because the military no longer discriminates against gay people. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Thinking About Presidential Run. Again.

It must be a slow news week for Donald Trump and he just isn't getting enough attention, so he's once again talking about running for president. But of course, it's purely out of his heartfelt concern for the country, not out of any possible selfish motive whatsoever. … [Read more...]

Can We Just Put Polanski in Jail Now?

Roman Polanski should already be in prison for raping a 13 year old girl in 1977, but he has managed to escape justice by fleeing to Europe. Now he's giving us yet another reason to think he's a world class asshole and a serious misogynist by spouting crap like this: … [Read more...]

Bigots Forming Boy Scouts Alternative

The anti-gay bigots who are so freaked out about the possibility that their children might actually get to know gay people and therefore grow up without their bigotry (which is going to happen anyway) are going to form their own alternative scouting organization where they can furiously try to hide the reality of the world from their kids. … [Read more...]

Social Studies Teacher’s Absurd Reprimand

A social studies teacher in Batavia, Illinois has found himself in trouble for informing his students of their constitutional rights before taking out a school survey that might require them to incriminate themselves. He had just finished teaching about the Bill of Rights. … [Read more...]

Regnerus Talks to Jim Garlow

Mark Regnerus, the University of Texas sociology professor who authored a widely panned study on same-sex parenting that would likely get failed if a grad student were to propose such a study for a thesis, has spent a lot of time pretending to be just a truth-seeking researcher following the evidence where it leads (indeed, the anti-gay group that funded his study drafted talking points for him that said exactly that). An interview he did recently with far-right anti-gay pastor Jim Garlow should … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: False Prophet

Now that the Boy Scouts of America has voted to allow gay teens to join troops, Bryan Fischer says that BSA now stands for the "Boy Sodomizers of America." Right Wing Watch rewinds the clock to February, when Fischer claimed that this change in policy was completely unthinkable and would never happen. … [Read more...]

Joseph Farah: Brave Truth Seeker

Sometimes the blog posts and the jokes just write themselves. Here's Joseph Farah, speaking about the founding of the Worldnutdaily:We have been fearless seekers of the truth ever since – for more than 17 years.Too easy. It's just too easy. … [Read more...]

King: Morality Has No Place in Government Policy

Rep. Peter King, perhaps the biggest ignorant blowhard in Congress, is quite upset about President Obama's recent speech about changing our anti-terror policies. He's not upset that Obama is almost certainly full of shit and isn't going to change much of anything; he's upset that Obama's empty rhetoric included moral arguments. … [Read more...]

Huge Anti-Equality Protest in France

With France joining the list of nations guaranteeing marriage equality for gays and lesbians recently, the far right in that country has lost its mind and is engaging in aggressive protests against it. More than 150,000 people engaged in a near-riot in Paris over it this weekend. … [Read more...]