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OMG! Takei Didn’t Say ‘Under God’

World class badass George Takei was on MSNBC recently and recited a portion of the pledge of allegiance while answering a question. But he didn't include the "under God" part. Predictably, Glenn Beck's website is clutching their pearls so incredibly hard right now. … [Read more...]

A Third Amendment Case in Nevada

Wait, a Third Amendment lawsuit? Yep. They're pretty rare. The Third Amendment forbids the quartering of troops in the homes of citizens, something the British did when we were a colony. And a family in Nevada is suing the police for occupying his home. … [Read more...]

Another Psychic Facing Criminal Charges

Police in Long Island, New York have arrested a "psychic" on two counts of grand larceny for telling a woman that she would lift a "curse" she had on her for the low, low price of only $5000 in cash. But the money wasn't for her, she was going to bury it. … [Read more...]

Scotland Bans Some Homeopathic Claims

A government agency in Scotland has struck a blow for rationality by prohibiting a homeopathic group from making certain claims on their website that are not supported by scientific evidence. This is a few months old, but I totally missed it at the time. … [Read more...]

Ted Nugent for President?

Ted Nugent is apparently thinking of running for president, which I strongly encourage him to do. First, it will provide great fodder for me. Second, it would be the final culmination of the takeover of the Republican party by the crazy right. … [Read more...]

Beck’s Awesome Obamacare Conspiracy

The Obama administration announced the other day that it's going to delay the implementation of the employer mandate in the health care reform bill and Glenn Beck has a sparkling new conspiracy theory about it. They're delaying it because it will cause chaos, just like the gay communist Muslims want. Or something. … [Read more...]

Jackson: My Bigotry is Taken Out of Context!

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lt. governor of Virginia, says that his long track record of saying incredibly bigoted things about gay people was all "taken out of context." Isn't it amazing how every now-embarrassing statement magically becomes out of context when it needs to be? … [Read more...]

‘Ex-Gay’ Declares Obama, Kennedy, Kagan Gay

Bradlee Dean seems to found someone as batshit crazy and unethical as he is in Greg Quinlan an "ex-gay" leader who came on Dean's radio show and declared that President Obama, Justice Anthony Kennedy and Justice Elena Kagan are all gay "on the down low." His evidence? "Rumors." … [Read more...]

Republican Candidate Funded by Reconstructionist

California State Sen. Mimi Walters (R) is going to run for the open seat in California vacated by retiring Rep. John Campbell and she has been funded in her political career by a name that may be familiar to my longtime readers, Howard Ahmanson Jr. … [Read more...]

Clapper Explains His Lie

You may recall that Director of National Intelligence blatantly lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee in March when he was asked if the NSA was collecting any data at all on millions of Americans. He flatly said no, weeks before the new revelations of NSA spying. And his explanations for that lie seem to be evolving on their own. First he said that he said that because it was the "least untruthful" answer. Now he says he just forgot: … [Read more...]

Beck Has a New Sponsor

Glenn Beck's fraudulent gold company sponsors have fallen on hard times now that the value of gold has dropped to its lowest level in years, but he has a new sponsor that should appeal strongly to his audience: Food Insurance. Freeze dried meals for survivalists. And listen to this wonderfully incoherent live ad he did for them on his show, with Egypt and the founding fathers and whatever else leapt into his mind at the time. … [Read more...]

Crouse: They’re Gonna Lock Up Christians!

The downpour of delusional paranoia from the Christian right continues to be torrential. Janice Shaw Crouse has an almost perfunctory column in the Moonie Times -- yes, she's defending "traditional marriage" in a newspaper owned by a church that performs mass fixed marriages -- with the usual blather: … [Read more...]