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Colorado Pastor Impersonates Cop to Rob Gay Men

A Colorado pastor has come up with a brilliant way of combating the sin of homosexuality. He takes out ads on Craigslist to set up meetings with gay men, then flashes a fake badge and confiscates their phones, computers and money. Except that's kinda sorta illegal to do. … [Read more...]

Marcotte Pretty Much Destroys Hannity

What happens when a dullard like Sean Hannity, who is only capable of confidently repeating shallow talking points, falls into the hands of someone like Amanda Marcotte, who is actually capable of thinking clearly? The result is a serious beatdown, which can be found in this article at Slate by Amanda. … [Read more...]

The Acton Institute and Religious Freedom

I was asked a local Grand Rapids news site, the Rapidian, to comment on an event hosted in Grand Rapids by the Acton Institute, a Christian right think tank, about "the growing threat to religious liberty." After seeing an initial draft of the article I sent several statements, though probably only part of one will appear in the article when published. … [Read more...]

Obama DOJ Appeals Parsonage Ruling

Lest you begin to think that the Obama administration is friendly to secularism, let me note that the DOJ is filing an appeal of the district court ruling that the parsonage allowance for religious non-profits but not secular ones is unconstitutional. … [Read more...]

Jesus Trolls New Mexico Woman

Jesus continues to troll True Believers everywhere by leaving vague images of himself in the weirdest places. He's shown up on tortillas, toast and even in bathroom mold. Now he showed up in a bruise that a New Mexico woman sustained when she fell down the stairs -- but only after some "holy dirt" was rubbed on it. … [Read more...]

Pepper Spray Cop Gets More Money Than His Victims

I'm sure you remember John Pike, the cop from UC Davis who pepper sprayed protesters who were sitting on the ground and (eventually) lost his job over it. He sued for worker's compensation, claiming he suffered psychologically from the incident. And he won. And got more money than any of his victims did. … [Read more...]

Bill Donohue’s Ignorant Distinctions

Right wing Catholic blowhard Bill Donohue has a problem. The new pope has made helping the poor a major focus of his leadership and spoken out about the dangers of income inequality. So has President Obama. But he hates Obama and is forced to defend the pope, so he has to make presumptuous and ignorant distinctions like this: … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

My friend Mikey Weinstein went on The Young Turks with Cenk Uyger recently and got this very charming email from a raging bigot. It's got all the usual anti-Jewish hatred and some anti-Arab hatred as well. I'm sure this looks much better in the original crayon scrawled on a Walmart bag. … [Read more...]

Fischer: New Find Supports Noah’s Ark!

What happens when an ignorant git comes into contact with information that he doesn't understand? He makes absurd claims about it without bothering to look at the information. Because actually looking at the information might put one's beliefs in peril and that can't be allowed. Here's a textbook example: … [Read more...]

SD Legislator Tortures an Analogy

Good analogies are something of an art form. They don't have to be accurate in every detail, of course, only in the relevant ones. But they can't be the exact opposite, as is the case with the analogy used by South Dakota state Rep. Steve Hickey, sponsor of a new bill to exempt businesses from dealing with icky gay people. … [Read more...]

West Beats Up a Straw Woman

Former Rep. Allen West went on Steve Malzberg's radio show to defend Mike Huckabee's absurd and hypocritical comments about women and contraception, inventing a straw liberal that doesn't care about Malala Yousafzai and saying that Democrats "tries to win the women's vote by talking from the waist down." As opposed to the right, which tells them that they aren't capable of controlling their own reproduction so conservative men have to make those decisions for them. … [Read more...]

Huckabee’s Contraception Mandate

I kept seeing references to "Huckabee v Huckabee" on the subject of contraception mandates but I didn't bother to look because I figured it was just that Huckabee had said something in support of contraception at some point. Turns out that he actually signed such a mandate into law in Arkansas, one that had fewer protections for "religious freedom" than Obama's law. … [Read more...]