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Wingnut Knows Why Roberts Upheld ACA

In the wake of the Supreme Court upholding the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives searched far and wide for an explanation of why Chief Justice John Roberts would vote with the liberals in the case. Bill Dunne, who says he runs an "executive-communications consultancy" in Connecticut, has finally found one: Roberts was helping the Republicans by making sure they lost the 2012 election. Wha? Yep. That's what he says. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson’s 2014 Predictions

As he does every year, Pat Robertson went up to his mountaintop retreat and spoke to God, who gave him a long list of predictions for 2014. Of course, two years ago God allegedly told him that Mitt Romney would win the presidency. Hey Pat, were you lying then or was God? … [Read more...]

Dobson: Contributions Are Down. Thanks Obama!

James Dobson sent a message to his supporters at Christmas, asking them to please donate to his organization because contributions are down and they're bleeding money. And why are contributions down? Because of Obamacare, of course. Is there anything Obamacare can't do? … [Read more...]

Kincaid on Mandela the Communist Terrorist

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media is not happy with Karl Rove. In the wake of the death of Nelson Mandela, Rove wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal about the world leaders who died in 2013 and -- gasp! -- he said nice things about Mandela. Kincaid gives the usual far-right response: … [Read more...]

Joyner: God Created America

Rick Joyner has a TV show called Prophetic Perspective on Current Events and it's all the usual claptrap we're used to from the wingnut set. On one recent show, he says that God showed him that "America had been established by Him for a special purpose and I saw that purpose in the Scripture and I saw America in the prophetic books of the Bible." You're hearing voices, Rick. You should keep that to yourself. … [Read more...]

Garrow Thinks Obama Tried to Kill Him

Jim Garrow, the seemingly deranged man who claims, without evidence, to be a former CIA agent and has been telling bizarre stories of Obama trying to nuke the country and communicating with aliens, is now claiming on his Facebook page that the government tried to kill him. But he outsmarted them: … [Read more...]

LaBarbera: ‘Every Coming Out is a Tragedy’

Last week Robin Roberts, the widely beloved Good Morning America host, came out of the closet by casually mentioning her longtime girlfriend. Naturally, the bigots are throwing a tantrum over it. The deranged Peter LaBarbera slams her for it, saying that "every coming out is a tragedy." … [Read more...]

Our Increasingly Non-Existent Reproductive Rights

Over the last few years Republican-controlled legislatures have passed hundreds of laws designed to make the right to choose an abortion die by a thousand cuts. Lindsay Beyerstein writes about how effective this has been in Texas, where in wide swaths of the state this right exists in name only, not in reality. … [Read more...]

Let’s Send a Message

JT is asking for help in sending messages to a judge in Arkansas who is being quite intransigent about allowing anything but Christian displays on the courthouse grounds. This is in his hometown, so it's pretty important to him. All the details at his blog. … [Read more...]

How the Internet Helps Atheists in Repressive Countries

The internet has proven to be a big help to movements against oppression around the world and has been a huge benefit to atheists as well. This is especially true in theocratic countries that punish atheists and others with minority views on the dominant religion. The Jakarta Post notes that atheism is growing fast in Indonesia, aided by the internet: … [Read more...]

Obamacare Reality vs Partisan Bombthrowing

The nature of our political discourse these days, unfortunately, is that everything must be painted in black and white. Obamacare is either a panacea or a total failure. Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic calls out such simplistic reasoning by pointing out that it's going to be good for some people and bad for others. … [Read more...]

When Should You Divorce Your Family?

Over Christmas I heard stories from a few of my friends about horrible things done and said by their family as they gathered. Some of it was just plain emotional abuse. Keli Goff asks an important question: If it's accepted that we can divorce a spouse, why can't we divorce a family member without being made to feel guilty over it? … [Read more...]