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Wingnuts: Grammys Prove God’s Judgment on America

John Robe and Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action ministry are quite upset about the Grammy ceremony, which included a mass wedding with some gay couples in it. They're upset by this terrible assault on values. Funny, I felt the same way when they gave the Grammy for best heavy metal album to Jethro Tull and named Milli Vanilli best new artist. … [Read more...]

Schlafly, Solomon Want Ukraine-style Uprising

The world has watched in horror as the Ukraine has exploded in riots and violence, but Phyllis Schlafly and Rick Solomon think we should have the same thing happen here. They think 100 million people should storm Washington DC to kick Obama out of office. … [Read more...]

Those Serious Defense Spending Cuts

The media is breathlessly reporting on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's newly announced Pentagon budget proposal, which -- OMG! -- reduces the number of troops to the lowest number since before WW2! These are very deep, major cuts in spending, you guys. Except, of course, they aren't. From Hagel's speech announcing the "cuts." … [Read more...]

WND’s Dishonest Spin on Nun Lawsuit

The Worldnetdaily has its usual dishonest spin on the lawsuit filed by a group of nuns. And it's a "Worldnetdaily exclusive," which appears to mean nothing. Lots of other news outlets are writing about the same case. If it's an "exclusive" then so is every story. … [Read more...]

CPAC Yanks American Atheists’ Booth

American Atheists had an agreement with the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for a table at the event, but the conference decided at the last minute to renege on that agreement because, they disingenuously claim, they didn't like the "tone" of a press release AA put out about it. … [Read more...]

Ugandan Paper Prints Gay Hit List

Now that President Musevini has signed Uganda's harsh new anti-gay law and put it into effect, the witch hunts have officially begun. A Ugandan newspaper published a list of 200 allegedly gay people. I fully expect that, like Nigeria, they will be rounding up anyone suspected of being gay. … [Read more...]

Suspect Cleared, Cops Charged Due to Dash Video

Here's another case where cops beat up and framed an innocent man and nearly got away with it. Now the man is free and the cops have been charged, which is pretty rare. And it's all due to dashboard video that the police department had all along but did nothing about. … [Read more...]

Psychics Will ‘Cure’ Cancer — For a Fee

Carrie Poppy decided to do a little experiment to see just how shameless "psychics" can be. So she went on one of the most popular online "psychic" sites and asked a bunch of the con artists there if they could cure her cancer. Most of them said yes, but only if she pays for a private session, where presumably their magic powers are amplified. … [Read more...]

Fischer Phones It In

Bryan Fischer just loves that proposed law in Arizona that allows Christians to discriminate against LGBT people and he delivered the usual idiotic rant about "jack-booted homofascist thugs" turning the United States into "Nazi Germany." Blah blah blah. … [Read more...]

Starnes: Bible Will Be Criminalized

When Todd Starnes isn't making up fake persecution stories in the present day, he's predicting future tales of martyrdom. He told Bryan Fischer that "we are going to see, within our lifetime, an attempt to outlaw or criminalize parts of the Bible or even perhaps pulling out parts of the Bible that have to deal with those issues." … [Read more...]

Lively Loves Him Some Putin

Deranged bigot Scott Lively went on Bryan Fischer's radio show and slobbered all over Russian authoritarian strongman Vladimir Putin, saying he was going to reestablish the Tsarist system (as if that would be a good thing) and return Christian values to the "Marxist" United States. … [Read more...]

Wehner on Ted Nugent and the GOP

Pete Wehner, one of the most intelligent and reasonable conservatives around, writes in Commentary magazine about Republican politicians associating with Ted Nugent after all of the horrible, unconscionable things he's said. He slams Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott and others pretty hard: … [Read more...]