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Grothman: God is Upset by Condemnation of Ugandan Law

Glenn Grothman, a far-right Tea Party state legislator from Wisconsin now running for Congress, has said lots of bizarre things over the years. In an interview with Voice of Christian Youth - America, he said that God is upset with John Kerry for condemning that brutal Ugandan anti-gay law. … [Read more...]

Another Fake Todd Starnes Story Debunked

You may recall that a few weeks ago Todd Starnes promoted a story about a kindergarten student who was allegedly told that she could not pray before eating lunch in the cafeteria. Turns out the student's father is an executive with the company about to publish Starnes' next book, conveniently about Christian persecution. An investigation concluded that it's all nonsense: … [Read more...]

Another Tea Party Scam

The Washington Post reports some very unsurprising news, that most of the Tea Party-affiliated Political Action Committees are raising lots of money to support candidates but giving a very small percentage of it to those candidates and their election committees. … [Read more...]

Ssempa Hoist on His Own Petard?

Martin Ssempa is a Ugandan preacher who has been the driving force behind that nation's crusade against gay people. His bigotry is so extreme that it can only be described as utterly deranged. He's absolutely obsessed with lurid descriptions of gay sex -- and now that may get him charged under the very law he supports. … [Read more...]

Fun With the Bundy Ranch Groupies

The standoff in Nevada with rancher Cliven Bundy has apparently turned into some sort of wingnut Burning Man, with a various assortment of people gathering with some truly bizarre views on virtually everything. Esquire sent a reporter there to gather some comments from them and much fun ensues. … [Read more...]

God’s Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo

A friend emailed me a link to the trailer of a movie that falls right in line with God's Not Dead. It's called A Matter of Faith. It's the story of a college freshman whose biology teacher is teaching about evolution, prompting her father to challenge the professor to a debate. And the professor is Harry Anderson, who played Judge Stone on Night Court. … [Read more...]

British-born Man Runs for House From Several States

Here's one of the weirder political stories I've read. A man born in the UK but now a naturalized American citizen, Allan Levene, really, really wants to be in the House of Representatives. And he doesn't care where he's elected as he's running in two different states (and tried to run from four). … [Read more...]

The Danger of ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws

Sarah Posner writes about the number of states currently considering faux "religious freedom" bills that provide new opportunities for students to proselytize one another in situations where they are mostly a captive audience, like football games, assemblies and graduation ceremonies. … [Read more...]

Three Companies Divest from Private Prison Firms

Here's a bit of good news. Three major investment funds have announced that they are divesting their holdings -- about $60 million -- from the two largest private prison companies in the country, GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America. … [Read more...]

More Red Flags About Oklahoma Bible Course

The ACLU of Oklahoma has procured a copy of that new Bible curriculum that is going to be used in one school district in the state, a curriculum paid for and developed by Hobby Lobby owner Steve Green, and they're finding some serious problems with the objectivity of the material. How terribly unsurprising. … [Read more...]

SC Republican Wants to End Public Schools

The cavalcade of extremist candidates running as Republicans around the country continues to roll down the street. Ray Moore, a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor of South Carolina, says he wants to eliminate public schools entirely. Why? Because they're not in the Bible. … [Read more...]

What the Hell, Orlando Sentinel?

I sent out a press release for the Week of Action, which is taking place right now, and was happy to see that the Orlando Sentinel picked up on it and published an article about it. But very oddly, they decided to put a video on top of the story about American Atheists suing over the World Trade Center cross. What on earth does that have to do with the Week of Action or the Foundation Beyond Belief? It's like they're intentionally trying to discredit us with a totally unrelated video that they … [Read more...]