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McDaniel’s Warped Ideas on Church/State Separation

Chris McDaniel is the Tea Party candidate running in the Republican primary to unseat Sen. Thad Cochran in Mississippi. In a recent appearance at an event he said some really dumb and incoherent things about separation of church and state. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Only Right Wing Women Can Save Black Men

Raynard Jackson, CEO and president of a public relations firm, has a column in Charisma magazine that will leave your jaw on the floor. In one of the most bizarre screeds you're ever going to see, he actually argues that Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are the true saviors of black men. … [Read more...]

Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Jody Hice

Jody Hice is a Baptist minister from Georgia who is one of two candidates in a runoff election for the Republican nomination to replace Rep. Paul Broun, one of the most extremist members of the House. If Hice gets in, he'll be a giant step sideways from Broun. Right Wing Watch chronicles some of his more bizarre and idiotic statements. … [Read more...]

AFA: Don’t Accept Mail With Harvey Milk Stamp

Wow. The American Family Association really, really doesn't want to have anything to do with gay people. Now that the U.S. Postal Service has issued a stamp with gay politician Harvey Milk on it, they're telling their members not to even open a letter with that stamp on it. … [Read more...]

Beck: #YesAllWoman is Just ‘Man-Bashing’

Glenn Beck is annoyed that women are actually telling their stories of harassment and marginalization on Twitter using the #YesAllWomen hashtag, dismissing it as just "good old-fashioned man-bashing." Which only proves the need for such stories to be told, don't you think? It's just an attempt to silence women from calling out bad male behavior. … [Read more...]

Franks: Obama Wouldn’t Care if Terrorists Take Texas

Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona is mounting a serious challenge to Louis Gohmert for the title of the dumbest man in Congress. Discussing the appalling situation of the woman in Sudan being put to death for marrying a Christian on Tony Perkins' radio show, Franks made this staggeringly stupid statement: … [Read more...]

Blackwell: Gay Marriage Caused Isla Vista Shootings

You knew it had to happen, right? You knew someone was going to blame the Isla Vista shootings on same-sex marriage and that person is Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and current Family Research Council "senior fellow." He did it on Tony Perkins' radio show. … [Read more...]

Losing Candidates Teach How to Win Elections

Rick Santorum lost his reelection bid for his Senate seat in Pennsylvania and then lost the 2012 Republican presidential primary. Pat Robertson ran for president once and finished a distant also-ran. But that doesn't stop the two of them from holding a conversation where they tell Republicans how to win elections. In related news, the Detroit Lions will be giving a seminar on how to win the Super Bowl. … [Read more...]

Miller: Boycott Businesses That Don’t Discriminate

Gina Miller, one of the editors of Matt Barber's new site BarbWire, is mighty upset that some businesses in Mississippi are putting stickers in their windows saying that they don't discriminate against LGBT customers. In fact, the mere act of not discriminating against them prompts Miller to tell Christians to boycott them. … [Read more...]

IAEA: Iran Nowhere Near a Nuclear Weapon

As many on the right and within Israel continue to beat the drums of war and want an invasion of Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued a report saying that Iran has complied with the requirements of a negotiated arrangement and is now nowhere near being able to produce even a single nuclear weapon. … [Read more...]

Why Women Sometimes Choose Bad Men

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with an idea in my head that I simply must get up and write down. This is one such time. I was woken up early Wednesday morning after dreaming about a conversation with someone in the wake of the Isla Vista shootings. The person I was speaking to said this to me in my dream: … [Read more...]

The Christian Right Started Over Segregation

The story we always hear about how the Christian right began organizing and became a political force is that it was inspired by Roe v Wade, but Randall Balmer has an article in Politico Magazine that debunks that idea. The real root, he documents, is in the fight to preserve school segregation. The first part of the story: … [Read more...]